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Best Editorial of the Week:

Sunday, February 9, 1998

Are Americans too comfortable so fat and so Liberal they won't call President to account? Don't bet on it

By Michael & Patrice Quinn, Daily Republican Contributors

WASHINGTON DESK - America is distressed today. All around us we hear people claiming that what is going on with Clinton is none of our business or that the main culprit is Ken Starr.

What a pathetic position by the "citizens" of a country which is supposed to be "of the people and by the people".

Most people I have spoken to or listened to are more concerned with their own level of comfort than they are with the moral direction of the country. I pose the question: which is more important, our personal comfort i.e., the economy and our portfolios (as if Clinton has anything to do with the present economy), or the fact that we have elected a pathological liar to lead us and our country down a path of moral degradation?

What in the world is wrong with people? The big picture is that Clinton has surrounded himself with criminal types for as far back as we can follow his history.

He is a liar of the first order, and his judgment is horrendous. Look at quality of his appointments. Many of those have been found guilty of fraud or criminal behavior. Indictments and questionable deaths surround this man.

It is not the work of Republicans that Clinton appoints cronies with questionable background.

Republican conspiracy? No. Look at all the scandals which have very troubling significance, that Clinton and his cronies are involved in up to their necks.

How many investigations does it take before people wake up and realize that Clinton is the 'problem' not the 'solution'?

Now our intelligence is bombarded yet again with the very tired "attack the messenger" defense that Clinton uses so effectively and so often to dupe his sheep which are so pathetically easy to dupe.

Judge Ken Starr is not the problem, either. He is honorable by every responsible account, Republican and Democrat.

No conspiracy, here. It's that there are a large number of people who share Clinton's elitist ideals. Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers, Ms. Willie, and Monica Lewinski are not the problem, either. Clinton's elitist agenda was made possible by a lot of other social idealists who have lost all sense of priority and decency. Clintonites insist on telling the American people that when the president commits perjury and obstruction of justice "It's not your business".

Now, we are going to war with Iraq. How stupid we must be to allow ourselves to feel comfortable with a Clinton in the White House who will take us to war to save face and line his pockets for a few more months.

When the first American comes home in body-bag I'm going to be saying "Shame on every American who failed take a stand against the Clinton White House. Shame on every American who failed to object to the military option that was used to solve another White House political problem."

Where did we go wrong? Shame on all of us.

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