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Monday, May 18, 1998

Clinton answers charges
with barrage of rhetoric

By Richard Horowitz, Daily Republican Staff Writer

WASHINGTON DESK - President Clinton was telling reporters on Sunday that he supports an investigation of the reports of Johnny Chung's alleged statements to federal investigators.

Then the president began to back-peddle by switching into his usual rhetoric when he asked, 'What is the substance of this, how serious is it, what are the facts, what evidence is there? Is this just somebody saying, or is there some reason to believe there is objective evidence to support this?"

There was no hint in Clinton's remarks of the deadly seriousness of Chung's allegations. Even if not otherwise corroborated, Chung's evidence represent a grave confirmation of the ghastly circumstances in which Clinton was the central figure in obtaining money from a Communist regime that subverted the 1996 American presidential election.

Chung's documentation supports facts that he had received more that $300,000 to pour into the Clinton-Gore Campaign. The source of those funds is said to have been an officer in Communist China's people's Liberation Army who also was an executive with China Aerospace, Beijing's state-run rocket manufacturing company.

The Clinton White House and the DNC admit receiving the illegal contributions. However, it was only after the incident was made public in news reports that the money was returned.

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