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June 18, 2000

E-Mail Received Last Few Days

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The editors welcome comments and e-mail from the readers of the Daily Republican. If you would like to have your name included in future publicatins, include permission in your e-mail.

The Editors have received tens of thousands of e-mail responses to the Daily Republican news, feature stories, and opinion published in the past weeks. A small representative sample of Republican e-mail follows. Note that text spellings and formatting are published here as received and edited only for length:

  • Editor: Missing hard drives story. I could'nt agree with you more, being a veteran myself it is very painful to see what this administration is doing to the military defense of this country and to the national security of this great nation of ours. This concerns me greatly, let's just pray that there will be an end to this soon. - Jay A Van Alstine

  • Editor: Re Snoopy doesn't cry alone column. Beautiful commentary. You have just said hat I have felt. Thank you for your good words about really wonderful people. GOOD GRIEF, how we will miss them! - P Moore

  • Editor of the Daily Republican. Today Michigan and Arizona vote. The New Hampshire primary is done, and McCain has won. The South Carolina primary isdone, and Bush has won. Forbes and Bauer are out, anddespite the eloquence of Alan Keyes, it comes down to acontest between two on the Republican side.
    New Hampshire and Delaware forced out Steve Forbes. He was running on a splendid platform, carved out of the Reagan years, and improving upon them. His demise has led to many statements, some on the right and some on the left, that both Reaganism and conservatism are dead or dying. Others have countered that conservatism is exercising a powerful influence upon both parties now, and so it is to the advantage of neither party.
    We differ from both these positions. In the weakness of the noble Forbes campaign, and in both the strengths and weaknesses of Bush and McCain, there is a lesson to be found.
    The Forbes campaign failed because it left something out, something for which it was reaching, and something that it almost supplied. Forbes began his political career as an economic conservative. In the second phase, he became both a social and an economic conservative. In the past year he has entered a third phase. His campaign book was called A New Birth of Freedom. In cooperation with us at the Claremont Institute, he fought to defend the teaching of the Declaration of Independence in New Jersey, and he made mention of this important battle in the national debates.
    The third phase of the Forbes campaign was better grounded in the principles, traditions, and institutions of America. His campaign against the Internal Revenue Service became also a campaign in favor of limited government, property rights, and the rule of law. His campaign for the family became also a campaign in favor of good citizenship and the private authority and responsibility of parents. His campaign for deregulation became also a campaign for federalism, which is that sublime balance between state and federal power that keeps both levels of government in check.
    We believe that, had Steve Forbes been already an elected official, these final moves would have been very powerful. The same observation applies to Gary Bauer and Alan Keyes, both of whom have spoken nobly at times in the campaign of the Declaration and the Constitution. The very institutions of America that these men admire so well told against them. Other than Taft, Hoover, and some very famous generals, it is extremely uncommon for an American to win the presidency as his first elected office.
    George Washington set the tone for the presidency. He was not elected merely because he was a good man, nor merely because he had a good plan. His goodness had been proved in service to his country.
    The campaigns of Bush and McCain are both now reaching for the highest ground. So far, both fall short of it. Neither is able to marshal the central themes of our nation in support of his program and candidacy. "Compassionate conservatism" is not a synonym for limited government, or for equal rights, or for the nobility of the American purpose. "Reform" that increases the power of bureaucrats to regulate the electoral system is not conducive to citizen control of the government. The First Amendment, which guarantees our right to speak as we please in politics, should not be ignored.
    Conservatism is not dead. It has done a splendid job, so far. Many of those running for president have learned its lessons and articulate them well. Now is the time for conservatism, like those candidates, to add that last dimension, the dimension present in Reagan, in Coolidge, in Lincoln, in Washington. To conservatism must be added patriotism, patriotism that is deeply informed about the meaning and the manner of our singular nation. - Larry P. Arnn President, The Claremont Institute
  • Editor: Re Who wants to marry a multi-millionaire? There's an old joke - told before the emergence of feminism - about a wealthy man who asks a woman whether she would sleep with him for a million dollars. After thinking the offer over, she says, yes, she would. "How about $2?" he asks. "What do you think I am?" the offended woman replies.
    "We've already established what you are," the man says, "and now we're just haggling over the price."
    I was reminded of that joke last night while watching "Who wants to marry a multi-millionaire?" I wondered what the difference was between these women - each vying to become the wife of a millionaire none of them had ever met or knew anything about - and a prostitute who works the street corner? The only difference I could find was in the price.
    The women who entered this contest were only interested in one thing. Money. As long as the bachelor had plenty of it, they would be his.
    At the end of the night, one "lucky" woman walked away with the title of "Mrs. Millionaire" after a lawful wedding ceremony was performed immediately following the competition. The newlyweds were then whisked away for their honeymoon to become better acquainted.
    Essentially, the show was like a beauty pageant. There was the required bikini contest and some "interview" questions. And in a truly pathetic segment, the hopeful brides even donned wedding gowns and paraded about the stage.
    The interview questions provided the most amusement. Contestants said their idea of a romantic weekend was not flying to New York City for a night out on the town with a penthouse suite in a fancy hotel, but just lying in front of a fireplace at home. It makes one wonder why exactly they would go to such lengths just to marry a millionaire if they purport to enjoy the simple things in life so much anyway.
    Then there was the question about housecleaning. Only one contestant was honest and said she'd probably wait for the maid to clean up rather than doing it herself.
    Finally, we had the question about children. I have to commend the women on the way they handled this question in particular. Not knowing whether the millionaire bachelor wanted children or not, the women gave very crafty answers reminiscent of political candidates. Basically, they claimed that children were important but not essential to a happy marriage. It was a decision that the couple would need to make together. In other words, whatever he wants is fine with them.
    While I hope there won't be any more "Who wants to marry a multi-millionaire?" in the future, the truth is that there are a number of millionaire bachelors who, for whatever reason, want to select a wife in this manner. There also seems to be no shortage of women willing to marry a man they have never met just to increase the size of their bank account.
    What will these couples teach their children about marriage? Does a woman who looks good in a bikini make a good wife and mother? Does a man with a fat wallet make a good husband and father?
    In the end, let's just hope that these couples will be too busy spending their money and won't want the burden of raising children. The last thing we need are more boys and girls who think that "this" is what marriage is all about. - Lydia Lovric
  • Editor: Re Hijacked by Leftists. I would tend to agree with you....In that there is NO hope for you! The best advice I could give you is to pack what little bit of brain you have left....and run, don't walk, as quickly as possible to your next job. You are DOOMED! And I can't help but agree, that Hillary IS the BEST person for the Job! Sorry to bust your bubble. - Rich Cook
    Editor: Re Humberto's child support problem - I can see what your saying but I feel that we have to take care of our kids no matter what they choose to do with the money.
    My x-husband is now married and him and his wife also owns their own a new home and they both own new cars and I like you don't own a car of my own and live with family because I also (yes a woman in your shoes) have to pay child support on three kids.
    So I don't think its just a man thing because I do the same as you. As hard as it may seem, we must take care of our own. Here's my E'mail address if you need to hear from a woman in the same shoes as yourself and probably making less money than you make if I didn't work two jobs to make ends meat. [ E-Mail me at --] - Tristan
  • Editor: Re Frances Fukayama Moralizing America. After reading the opinion piece "Moralizing America" it is clear to me that the author is more interested in finding ways to blame liberal ideas for the current lack of values in America, than looking at all possible causes for the declining morals of Americans.
    Although it may be true that, in many ways, our moral decline can be traced back to the sixties counter culture, it is wrong to ignore the other actions and words of many conservative leaders and institutions.
    As you may well know, our understanding of the facts pertaining to many of the events that occurred in the sixties is more comprehensive than it was at the time they happened. In my opinion, this is due to people questioning authority and digging deep for answers which some very powerful people tried to keep secret. Rather than cursing the folks who figured these types of things out maybe you'd get further by placing the blame where it belongs. On the shoulders of the people who did the deeds, regardless of there ideological background.
    I think that most people would agree that Richard Nixon lying about his knowledge of the Watergate break in, or Ollie North selling cocaine that made its way to American children in order to help fund our allies in Central America, or the existence of secret police units in LA created by an unellected (and conservative) police chief, Daryl Gates, in order to keep tabs on area liberal leaders, or TV Evangelist Jim Baker going to jail for tax evasion & fraud (only after having sex with his secretary (not to moral, eh?), along with the countless other injustices & lies perpetrated by some very vocal conservatives, have contributed to peoples loss of faith in the conservative ideals preached by these same people.
    As far as secular thought being the seed of immorality, all you need to do is remember how fantastic it was to live in Spain during the inquisition to see that theology is not always ones best ally against immorality. But if your still not convinced you could always move to Iran or Afghanistan.
    I've heard that they have no problems at all with drugs, gangs, or underage mothers. Oh, I forgot that you may be imprisoned (or put to death) if you think for yourself. But that shouldn't bother you much. Anyhow, I've always thought that truth is of more value than dogma.
    It seems to me that one of our biggest problems is the inability of our political, corporate, and moral leaders from both sides of the fence not following their own advice. For every lying, cheating liberal leader (i.e. Bill Clinton or Rev. Al Sharpton) I can show you a lying cheating Conservative (i.e. Richard Nixon or Jerry Falwell).
    Unfortunately for the author he loses credibility when omitting the effects of the many very questionable actions of conservative figureheads in recent history when trying to explain our current moral situation. It's wrong to believe that the damage to morality done by the moralists & conservative crusaders caught breaking the law, or not practicing what they preach, has any less of an effect on morality than that of liberal ideas & values.
    So yet again we have what seems to me to be another collection of half truths put forth by an author who thinks their doing the world a service by making an unbalanced, shallow, finger pointing argument against the evils of liberal thought. Keep up the good work. - Chris Connolly A voting independent in Colorado
  • Editor: Re Clinton Legacy. Bill Clinton can work day and night until the next President is sworn in, but his legacy is already sealed. History will record his Presidency as a low point in the nations history. He will be remembered as the first President who sold his nation out for election money and he will be remembered as the President that was a sexual deviant. The economy will be credited to Reagan-Bush and he will get no positive credit. - George Lincoln
  • Editor: Re DR Newspaper. I tremendously enjoy your reports. I am an American citizen working in Romania. Nearly every day (when I have time) I go to the internet to see what's been posted. Thank you!
    Now I hav a question. Since the president is in violation the WPR, what can congress do at tis point. What will be the next step.
    Please excuse my ignorance, but I'm quite frustrated seeing this president (as he's dishonored the position) repeatedly doing his own thing, giving account to no one.
    It seems when he has a problem the media and pollsters prop him up again with some conjured up poll. The american people have become like sheep, or perhaps better stated "lemmings". We have lost moral fiber and are toosed around as the wind blows.
    It seems most are eager to see what the polls say, so they can decide what their "conviction" should be as well. May the Lord have mercy on us.
    Thank you again for a fine paper. -George Murray, Rumania
  • Editor: Re Child Support Problem. Dear Senators (and Assemblymen), Why am I paying child-support to a woman who is currently married to another man who makes more money then me? Here is my current situation:
    I am currently paying child-support to a woman who's married to another man who makes more money then me. They live in a nice house, own a nice car, and I am dirtpoor, living like an animal. I can't even afford a bicycle, although I work 60hrs. a week like an animal.
    My ex and her new hubby "tried" to have him adopt my daughter but couldn't do it years ago without my signature. They came up to me and said that they didn't want nor need my money and asked me to sign over the adoption papers and my reply was: "Over my dead body." I then went to court for visitation rights without a lawyer and lost. I could not afford a lawyer and still cannot afford a lawyer. I had and still don't have any criminal record whatsoever.
    Now they don't even use the money, they put it in a bank account under her name. They now live in a nice house with a bran new car and I'm dirtpoor stuck in a lousy job. I can use that money to go to school, raise my income level, and THEN help my daughter out even MORE. But the govt. is telling me that I MUST pay that weekly check or go to jail. This is a form of SOCIALISM. Since they don't even use the money, I could use it much more efficiently to strive to become rich (the American Dream), and THEN help my daughter out EVEN MORE. The end result would then be better for both me and my DAUGHTER!
    But even IF I could raise my income level even MORE how can I save to become RICH while paying %20 in child-support BEFORE taxes??? Let's say I SOME HOW saved money to take a computer course for a better job (I'm talking about a mere 5 month Computer Course, NOT a "extravagant" 4 year college degree, but I would need to save over $5,000 for this 5 month computer course), Let's say I SOMEHOW saved that much money to take this course (which I haven't been able for 6 years under these Draconian circumstances). But let's say I did just for arguments sake, Let's say I made it to $1,000 a week--- That would be -%20 BEFORE taxes = $200 and THEN taxed on the Full $1,000-- About %40 = $400 --- $200 + $400 = $600--- $1,000 - $600 = $400. How can I strive to become RICH in America The Land of Opportunity under these circumstances???
    Like I said, in my situation they DON'T EVEN USE THE MONEY, they put it in a bankaccount under my daughters name. I could use that money MORE EFFICIENTLY to strive to become RICH and THEN help my daughter out even MORE but the US GOVT. tells me I must still pay this NO MATTER WHAT or GO TO JAIL!!! This is a form of SOCIALISM!!!
    How can I strive to become RICH under these Draconian Socialist Conditions!!! Under these circumstances I'm destined to PalookaVille. How can I become RICH under these circumstances and help my daughter out EVEN MORE??? I was born and raised here in the United States but I am now 'almost tempted' to ask for political asylum in Cuba. Atleast there I could get free education and become an engineer or something instead of living here working like a slave 60hrs a week in a lousy job making almost nothing living like an animal for the REST OF MY LIFE!
    Now, CSE (Child Support Enforcement) treats me as if the mother of my daughter is a single-mom who needs the money RIGHT NOW for food. But reality is that she is currently married to a man that makes more money then me.
    The current laws should be changed that distinguishes the difference between a single-mom who needs the money right now for food, etc. and a woman currently married to another man that makes good money.
    I have been living with this for 6-7 yrs and have never told anyone out of humiliation. I am embarrassed, and when a man is in a weak position he will avoid the SpotLight and go into hiding (cave), out of humiliation. I do not want to become the "poster child" in this unique situation, out of humiliation.
    Now, if ANY feminist out there reads this and attempts to mock me over these pains of mine from my current situation, it will only STRENGTHEN my resolve EVEN MORE to UTTERLY DESTROY this Feminist-Beast that you have created which is totally UnConstitutional. And if ANYONE (feminist) out here doesn't see that this is a GREAT INJUSTICE what they have done to me then you are WORSE then the communists. Because while YOU want to live reaping the benifits of capatalism, you want ME to live under socialism.
    I feel like a drone, like a worker-ant, diligently working to sustain the Queen Mother - THE GREAT MOTHER WHORE OF BABYLON -- This Feminist-Socialist-Beast ... I have had enough! Out of my cave! And fight for Justice! This is a Great Injustice what they've done to me and completely UnConstitutional!! p.s. Under the current laws on the books the mother of my daughter could have married Bill Gates and I would STILL have to pay this child-support or GO TO JAIL!!! - Humberto
  • Editor: Re Dying for Yugoslavians? No Way. Nothing Ms. Powers writes can convince me that the American campaign against Yugoslavia is in the vital interests of the United States.Writers such as she are positively outrageous in proposing that citizens should say yes to sending their own into this war.To put it bluntly, I will not be responsible for the injuries or death of my neighbors or brothers. I will not support our military involvement. - Christopher Worrix

  • Editor: Re Spinless Republican leadership. Great site, but tell me... Where do I go to find actual living breathing Republicans in the Congress and Senate who are willing to stand and vote for what they SAY they believe in? There's very few, if any, Democrats I'd vote for and if the Republicans do the opposite of what they tell me they'll do.... why should I bother to vote? In good conscience I couldn't. Betcha either Bush or Dole will be the nominee. Party politics are ruining the Grand Ol' Party. Let me know when the revolution takes place to reclaim the "Republican Revolution". - Jim Bawkey

  • Editor: Re Cold realities of American military. Bravo for this article! You're telling it just like it is! I hope someone is listening! - Kaye Grogan

  • Editor: Re Kosovo stories. I only wish some of the Liberals would have as much interest in PEACE, as they have in this war. If they think that Almighty God gIves preference to "American life" - over other human life - that's where the mental incubus of the idiot-savant" begins... For me, people are people, whether the life lost is in Columbine, Oklahoma, Serbia, or Kosovo.
    Can't we end man's inhumanity to man? As history repeats itself, what shall we say, then, of the alleged freedom of that Jew, limping his last few steps at Auschwitz.. With the U.S. bombers and missiles, there's not even time for the innocent to limp.
    I will continue to pray for World Peace, because those who murder the Slavic people today, may murder me tomorrow in the streets of America. I am not a white American, and that is probably why I think differently. We need to be very careful to ensure that our behavior reflects our beliefs. President Clinton's behavior, not his words, are reflecting his beliefs. They cannot see it in your culture, but I can see it in mine. - Art Romano, Los Angeles

  • Editor: re China. Screw China. Who needs them anyway. And they keep all thier cheap plastic little toys, too. - Dale, Spring, Texas

  • Editor: Re B52 Humanitarianism. I find the article to be very interesting. The fact that NATO and the UN have done little or nothing in other areas of the world where civilians have been slaughtered in much greater number is disturbing to say the least. I think President Clinton and NATO have made a very poor decision to act militarily. I only hope they wise up and find a better solution. I also find the acts of terrorism performed by the Serb forces and the KLA to be despicable. I only hope wiser people get control of this situation. The threat of a much wider conflict is real and I believe the advisors to the leaders of NATO and the western world have miscalculated. - Perry Droast

  • Editor: Re Foreign Tech Workers story. Fine article leading reader to analyze many issues!- Mike Thinker

  • Editor: Re Clinton White House. Clinton is an adulterer, a scum bag. He can't tell the truth. Why did the Republicans vote to send our military troops to Kosovo, why are they in Iraq, Haiti, etc. Why are you allowing him to destroy this nation by weakening it. Our shores are not protected. When the tide turns and it looks politically dangerous for the democrats, he will pull out, claim he suceeded in his mission, and then the "bogus" polls will supposedly show he is doing a good job. All for political gain, Bill Clinton and Al Gore handed over technology to China -- now China is able to aim their missles at American shores.
    I admire and respect the 13 House managers who fought hard to impeach this no good scum bag. And I respect the Republicans and Democrats who voted to remove him from office.
    By the way, Hillary Clinton is over in the Mid-East, claiming we need a Palastian state -- You don't hear that on ABC, NBC, or CBS. WHY?
    I am beginning to believe SOME Republicans and MOST (more than just a small few) Democrats only care about their political neck. Term limits for Congress & Senate is a good idea.
    In primary elections, we should NOT BE FORCED to vote party lines -- that is how scum bags get in office. - Mike Hetzel

  • Editor: Re Luis Vasques - Get a Life! Yo Luis - You need to either get off welfare or off the country club golf course (which, statistically, is where you probably are if you voted for Bubba) and get a life like the rest of us decent tax-paying citizens of the US. Using terms like "hate-mongering", you obviously have some tolerance and compatibility issues to work through yourself. Call your therapist, take some more Prozac, and let the one without sin cast the first stone. - WSV

  • Editor: Re Clinton's pals. It never ceases to Amaze me why poeple don't ask one single question of themselves in each and every instance where Clinton finds a patsy to take the fall for him. Is this outright lawbraeking, or, is this man the most incompetent individual in the face of the earth? Like file gate.
    If he truly had no access, how was it that his people could be holding and presumably using 900 files for Clinton's own benefit without his knowing? Or in the instance of the drug dealer coming to a Whitehouse Christmas party. Did you knowingly let a drug dealer in to the White House, or is your staff so incompetent that they slipped up and let a known druglord into our White House? Or Wong or Trie's constant access to the White House.
    No matter how one looks at it, This man is either, as I believe, One of the most corrupt self-serving politicians ever to stomp on the values of our founding fathers, or is he merely, as he would have us believe, so incompitent that he hasn't a clue what is going on in his own administration.
    The latter would have to be a gross negligence so vast that it is hardly believable that anyone could bungle so badly, but surely, no president should be allowed to be that grossly negligent and hold office. So many times, Clintonites have excused his escapades with the weak logic that we don't care what our surgeon does in his private life, so long as he's good at what he does.
    Looking at Doctor Clinton, he has been engaged at the very least, if we are to believe him in the most gross malpractice ever seen. If we are to believe the President, the dozen or so staffers indicted or convicted did their activities at will without any knowledge by others or approval by the presidint. I long to hear someone ask him the obvios question the next time a scandle arises and he finds a patsy: "Mr. President, Were you directly involved with this illeagle activity, or were you so derilict in your duty that you had no idea what your own administration was up to; is this incompetence or careless disregard for the rule of Law and the American Public at large?
    Maybe one day someone will have the guts to ask the question. - Carl L. Andreasen II

  • Editor: Re Great DR Newspaper's truth. I believe Clinton did it. I also believed Paula Jones when she claimed Clinton tried to get her to do things to him. Any woman that would go out here and make such disastrous claims, open to ridicule is telling the truth. We had more press coverage in the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas problem. Thomas did not do anything as remotely close to Clinton.
    I am glad your paper is telling the truth. We surely are not getting anything from the regular 2, 4 and 7, CNN, etc. news.
    Good heavens, Geraldo is way out there. Can you imagine how low Clinton supporters are to get people like Carville and Flynt defending their immature, childish, idiotic and very stupid president. People are misinformed. Thank you for bringing the truth to the people. -Patricia

  • Editor: Re DR article on Jane Doe #5 is troubling and believeable. Mr Clinton, whether he did or did not do this, is the most repugnant political figure I have ever followed in American politics. He has made us all conspiracy theorists as nothing is unbelieveable with him. It is hard to know what is true and what is false when hearing reports about Mr Clinton. The fact that we wonder of the voracity of this allegation of rape is the shame he has brought us: we don't know, when we should be able to say-"no way this is true."
    I see he and his minions have already attacked the accuser. No doubt if it is proven, feminists and Clinton appologists will cling to poll numbers, the stock market indexes, and the fact that it is "just about sex!"
    How did we elect this guy? -Jack Wright

  • Editor: Re "Right-Wing." Your publication is a Right-Wing, Hatemongering, intolerant publication that is read only by Hatefilled conservatives.As for one of your readers Jack Wright the answer to your question concerning how did we (The American People) ever elect this guy (President Clinton) is because he had more votes then the Right-Wing sponsored Bob Dole.Is that simple enough for you? The American people rejected the Hatefilled message of the conservatives. That's why we elected President Clinton and that's why we will prevail in 2000 with whoever is the Democratic nominee. -Luis Vasquez

  • Editor: Re Scamming Social Security. I cannot understand what the problem is with the media. This was a great Daily Republican Newspaper story, however, you will not find it in any of our major newspapers. I find that horrible. If more people knew what type of person we have running our White House there would be moral outrage against this man. My personal belief is he should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. Hillary should be made to carry it. Well, have a great one and keep up the good work. -Memaw

  • Editor: Re Boasting & Roasting Editorial.I believe you hit the nail on the head. -Dale Austin,Valdese, N.C.

  • Editor: Re Millennium Event DR story. First, I must say that I just came upon your WEB site and am happy to have found it. Rational and clear thinking are descriptions of what I have been reading. Well done!
    Second, with regard to Doug Green's article I could hardly agree more. We only need look to Germany a half century ago to see that making "scientific progress" without the greater perspective of moral consequence quickly degenerates. Several million Jews would concur, I believe. However, that perspective fades with time and was never more than a history lesson to many of today's scientists.- Joe Martin

  • Editor: Re Scamming Social Security DR story. I understand that we are dealing with "IOU's" here. My question is when will the Republican dominated congress fix this? Maybe about the same time they pass a right to life amendment to the Constitution, or give us a real tax cut, or pass a decent military spending bill, or produce a leader that can inspire the American people to greatness again. At least with the democrats we knew who the enemy was. -Seth Simon

  • Edior: The article on Ford Motor company enslaving the Jew's was brilliant information, if you have any prior articles can you send them to me. Future articles will be fabulous! Thank you. -Bob

  • Editor: Like your short to the point paper. Would like to hear something on the weather that is happening lately. This year and last year seem like Summer in the Winter in North Fl. and lower Al., temp is in the 70's day upper 50's nights. If your staff have time look at it migtht give you some more info on this. -George

  • Editor: Re Daily Republican. Kudo's to the DR for it's excellent coverage of this president and his corrupt administration. Through it all, the DR has been the only mahor newspaper publication (of comparable circulation) consistently calling Clinton & his minions on the carpet for a plethora of highly dubious actions since 1992. Over the years, one image has consistently come to mind with this administration. Where there is smoke, there is fire!
    When the Lewinsky scandal first broke I remember thinking, "Well, if this is the equivalent of a 'tax evasion' charge we can get this guy on, so be it." Shortly after that thought, the DR published stories which summed up my feelings perfectly.
    Now, almost a year later, it comes down to impeachment and trial in the Senate. Having been thoroughly disillusioned by the ridiculously pro-Clinton slant of the daily news in our broadcast media, I'm now finally in the market to replace my TV that blew back in '96 in order to catch the trial on C-SPAN!
    I replace my TV now because I want to see and record the Senators in their debate, to see if I can get an idea of just what state our Union truly is in. For if we can't impeach and remove a president over perjury and obstruction of justice, we might as well make him an Emperor.
    The rule of law depends of the validity of oaths. And if we as a people, our congress as institution and the media as the "fourth estate" (as described the founding fathers) cannot bring about an appropriate examination of the import of this moment, and allow Congress to act, as it should, on behalf of our nation, the constitution and the rule of law, an objective rendering of history will record this moment as the beginning of the end of the American republic. History will have repeated itself and this grand experiment will have failed, just as it did with ancient Rome.
    Our media will go from being a "fourth estate" to being a "fifth column" for the ideologues of the left. The Congress will go from being a check on presidential power to being a rubber stamp on increasingly nefarious activities as long as presidential power can drive up poll ratings at strategic times by ginning up a little war here and there. And we, the people, will increasingly revert to a helpless and angry mob. -Chuck Chappell

  • Editor: Re GOP backsliders. What continues to confuse me is the lack of defensive reasoning from the GOP. Of course the vote was partisan. This was NOT deciding how much to spend on highways or on whom we will confer Favorite Nation status for trade purposes.
    The very essence of our two major parties is based in the morals and principles believed by each. This impeachment is rife with motality and ethics and the final party-line voting should have surprised no one. It woud be basically the same with abortion, prayer in school, or affirmative action. It is the social issues which define the diffrences. While one may compromise on some budget item or policy initiative, you just don't compromise principles!
    It is the very nature of Democrats to minimize offensive behavior. It has been they who have given us pornography on the open market, social acceptance of homosexual relationships, an ultra-liberal Endowment for the Arts, taken prayer out of schools (thereby lending tacit credence to the non-existence of God and depriving American children the religious foundation in their upbringing), failed welfare progrms, and slap-on-the-wrist punishments which encourages criminals to recommit their crimes. ..among other liberal social changes.
    I was not shocked that they find adultery acceptable behavior with no social stigma attached to discourage others from doing it. Nor was I surprised that they want to excuse Clinton for his perjury and other high crimes and misdemeanors. They firmly believe that no crime should have a set punishment. All acts must be scrutinized for 'who did it' and 'why'.
    Long range possibilities for all of society is an alien concept to liberals. The greater good for the greatest number doesn't compute. It is the immediate results for anything from an individual to a group of individuals with an acceptable agenda. Ramifications have no place in the debate.
    I am proud of the Republicans for two reasons:The easy road would have been censure, whether constitutionally sound or not. It would have been accepted by the Democrats and the media would have convinced most Americans that it was ok. The GOP could have benefitted in several ways, not the least of which would have been a substantial rise in poll numbers. Yet they chose to stand by principle and that is what this is all about. Most Republicans, including myself and my wife, find Clinton's actions more than enough to boot him out of office.
    They stood strong. No party has displayed such a departure from party principle than the GOP in recent years. The compromising and fleeing from a fight was depressing. We were ready to switch to some other method of expressing our opinion...even though there was no other party which held those values we so cherish. We may have had to start our own somehow. They appear on the brink of being strong again. It is enough to give rise to hope at least.
    There is no upside for their continuing to stand fast other than to reinforce the faith of core members like us. The negatives are many and could be devastating in the short term,..although we believe they will gain respect and eventually grow by standing up for their beliefs now.
    It's such a simple concept. republicans like vanilla and the Democrats prefer Chocolate! The GOP likes the seashore and the Dems like the mountains!
    The GOP think perjury and obstruction of justice are impeachable offenses and the Democrats do not! The strident hysterical yelling by the Democrats and media about it being a partisan vote is just plain manipulation of the minds of Americans. It could have been nothing else but a partisan vote. Non-partisan voting would have spelled the end of the two party system in his country. When the values of the two parties come so close and no battles are left to be fought, it will mean we have all succumbed to one particular code of conduct and become less than a Democratic Republic.
    Finally, if anyone really believes that Bill Clinton actually cares about some 'legacy' for his presidency,they are so naive. True to the core values of liberalism, Clinton only wants to suck dry the advantages of his reign in office and go on to better things from the contacts and money he has made in these 8 years. Doubtless the Idaho land grab put many millions from the Riadys into his offshore account somewhere.
    If he thought he would benefoit politically from withdrawing all support for childrens programs, he would do so tomorrow. The same for senior benefits, racial programs etc etc. This man is centered on himself to the exclusion of all other human beings. Even Hillary has her purpose,..and without that purpose, she would be as expendable as the lowest person on his personal totem pole. It is so depressing to see and hear good men like Monyihan call for some trivial censure resolution. One can only assume that the FBI files contained some devastating news he finds more compelling than his departure from honor and dignity. Listening to him capitulate was one of the saddest days of my life.
    Evidently, Clinton has found black,ail to be his most valuable ally in his climb to the top..and become a leading expert in its use over the years. But it only works on people with a conscience which puts him in the position of owning a death ray to which only he is invulnerable. God must have a plan from all of this. I can't wait to see what it might be. My imagination runs wild. I hope it includes Carville and Flynt! - Chic Abner McClellanville, SC

  • Editor: Re Clinton on trial. I couldn't agree with Robet Byrd more. The trial should go ahead and let the American people see all the evidence thats out there. The Republican leadership needs to show some backbone in the Senate, something it hasn't done under Trent Lott, and go through with this trial. -Luther P.

  • Editor: Re: Clinton trial. "President Clinton says he has no intention of resigning ... And if acquitted, he promises to dedicate the rest of his life to finding the real perjurer." This according to Zack Taylor, Westwood One Radio Network. - Gordon Durnil, Indianapolis

  • Editor: Re: Good Morning America. Bravo! Conservative Americans are so sick and tired of the "polls" By the way, the MSNBC web site Live Vote showed that after over 62,000 responses, 66% want to see Clinton impeached, 16% want censure, and 20% want the whole thing to go away.
    I had the pleasure of talking with Greg Pasztor (past Southwest Regional Producer, CBS Newspath) a couple of months ago. I asked him about the "polls". He said the are two news hubs, Los Angeles and New York. The rest of the country is considered "fly over" territory and is seldom considered in reporting. I live in Texas and there are a lot of us that believe he should be impeached. We also don't believe that Hillary is "heartbroken and brave". Her only heartbreak would be if they both were kicked out of the White House. She married Bill Clinton for power, love had nothing to do with it. I personally believe her target is being U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.
    Does your publication talk about Clinton's involvement with the communist Chinese government? I am trying to verify that he approved a $138 million dollar taxpayer financed loan to the China Ocean Shipping Company (owned by the Red Chinese People's Liberation Army). Keep up the good work! - George

  • Editor: Re Daily Plant News Service [subscription only]. Great Supplement to the good old daily. Thanks, Jerry.

  • Editor: Re John Juang, Just read your comments on John Huang and the connection with the Commerce Department and Ron Brown. These are the pieces of information about which our general public has no knowledge and they need to know in order that they open their eyes to all the illegalities that exist in this current administration.
    The impeachment trial should go forward in an expedient manner, but will the White House allow expediency???It seems as if they feel "time is on their side" in all matters and by biding their time....they hope to garner more support and foment the people who are tired of hearing about it so that their case is more solid! I say, if the decent people, and maybe they're a dying tribe amidst this pro-drug, murder for hire administration and society, knew what Mr. Clinton has done in his past and since he has been president, he'd have no chance of surviving the trial. Can all the Democrats be so mindless as those characterized by Ms. Watters, Mr. Barney Frank, etc.? I'd be embarrassed to call them my representatives!
    Amen to your comments.......those who elected him knew what he was ... now they are surprised at his actions?Must be they are not pragmatic enough to believe "where there's smoke there's fire"! - Marilyn Keating

  • Editor: Re Regaining moral compass. I was moved to tears at the end of the movie "Saving Private Ryan," when, as a grown man with family, a character revisits the beaches of Normandy and the military cemetery and begs his wife to tell him he was "good" and that he led a life worth the sacrifices made for him and ourselves as well.
    After the movie, I became depressed by the thought that we, as a generation, have not been worth the heroic blood shed by so many men. We live self-indulgent lives. "Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll" is still the lifestyle of many, as our culture shows. We've turned the First Amendment into a vehicle for pornographers and flag burners. We ban religious symbols the amendment was made to protect, and if a woman finds herself inconveniently pregnant because of the lifestyle choices she's made, well just scrape and cut the intruder out or send a high power vacuum in after it. I mean, it's a "choice."
    "Show me the money" is the only thing that matters; materialism has brainwashed the young into thinking they can't live a decent life without Tommy Hilfiger clothes, Nike shoes or the new Nintendo. Women work and leave their children with a "care-giver," not because they must, but to be able to afford those hundred dollar sneakers, a new SUV or a vacation in Hawaii.
    I pray that America will regain its moral compass and reject the lying, philandering, promiscuity, indecency, abortions, materialism and all that is wrong with America, and that someday we will be worthy of the sacrifice our fathers and mothers made for us. - Matt Quella, Prairie Grove

  • Editor: Re Republicans. My Christmas present came early this year, the brave Republicans on the Judiciary Comm. doing the RIGHT thing. Contrast that with Lott and Gingrich kissing Bill Clinton on the backsides last year by postponing a tax cut AFTER they'd set up another, eagerly anticipated, "wag the dog" government shutdown.
    When Republicans vote and do what Republicans say they stand for, the most amazing thing happens - PEOPLE VOTE FOR THEM! - Dave & Sharon Backs

  • Editor: Re Clinton Impeachment. The Congressional Judiciary Committee under Chairman Henry Hyde has done an outstanding job of upholding the US Constitution. Mr Hyde is a true American Patriot.
    Mr. William Clinton on the other had should be impeached for serious crimes that include perjury. He is a disgrace to this great Nation of ours and the office in which he was elected. The US Congress must impeach this President. -Phipps


  • Editor: Re House Judiciary Impeachment. Even at the midnight hour, this president continues to parse words, never admitting to lying under oath, but saying he erred in thought and deed. Telling the American People and Congress that he would "accept" he has a say in his punishment! Why should his punishment for unacceptable behavior be an acceptable punishment for him?
    At this late date no "contrition-lite" will stop this process. Arrogance toward the American people and our judicial system is impeachable enough for me. - Brainella


  • Editor: Re Clinton Impeachment charges. Should he not be impeached? Who among us has the confidence that this president has not already or will not do something more to make everyone ashamed. -Andrew McMaster


  • Editor: Re Clinton Impeachment. Suffice it to say, it can be determined with 99.9%, 100% accurracy that any time William Jefferson Clinton's lips are moving, he is LYING!
    Remember when President Bush (during the debates with WJC) tried to expain just how important honor, honesty, and all other respectable qualities were important in a presidential canidate??? See, this could have been avoided long ago if only they would have listened to reason and rejected a coward as a canidate for their party...all this other trash is just a byproduct of a that character. Whew! -Dean Clement


  • Editor: Re Politically Correct. I recently read an article in a business journal about the efforts of a company to regain it's market share using the newest Internet technology. I remember this article because it had something in it I hadn't seen in a long time. The article referred to the company's top guy as the "chairman." "Chairman" I thought.
    How refreshing to see that word again after such a long time. Today every major journal, book, or other publication uses the word "Chairperson" or simply "Chair." It is just part of the on-going campaign to erase the word "man" from the English vocabulary. Every word that used to contain "man" or "men" has been changed to something more acceptable to our cultural elite. "Policeman" is now "Police Officer", "Fireman" is now "Fire Fighter", "Mail man" is now "Postal Worker", etc. etc. You see, the establishment feels that if they can change the language we use, they can change the way we think. And that, of course, is the goal - to change the way you and I think.
    All major publications have joined in the effort.
    An article in Scientific American I read last week refers to a new medicine's benefit to "humankind." You see, the word "mankind" can't be used because it contains the word "man." Interestingly, though, it may be more difficult for our language police to erase the word "mankind" than other words they have targeted. This is because Neil Armstrong (inadvertently, I'm sure) cemented the word "mankind" into history with the phrase ". . . One small step for Mankind." It will be hard for the establishment to erase that phrase from the history books (although I'm sure they will give it their best).
    The effort to erase the word "man" has been largely successful in most areas of our society. People are like cattle and they will stampede in whatever direction they think the herd is running. Today, the only place you will find the word "man" in the vocabulary is, perhaps, at the Selective Service department - where only "men" are slated to be drafted and sent to war to be killed.
    Or you might find it within the hundreds of "affirmative action" programs that government and industry design to specifically discriminate against men in school admissions, hiring, promotions, etc. etc. Why have the efforts to erase the word "man" been so successful in our country? Because American men are patsies.
    While other groups fight for rights and try to increase their power in society, American men are taught from an early age that they don't have a right to do the same (unless, of course, you are a man "of color"). We have accepted the establishment's judgment on this and have learned to live with it.. Until we wake up and stop being such suckers, the establishment will continue to succeed in these efforts. -Jeff Burhans


  • Editor: Re Manifest Destiny story by Tony Artero. I have read your article. No fanfare for this story on the liberal biased network news. How typical.
    Yes, our imperial president has classified us all as his chattel and the federal government continues to encroach on all of our property rights, even here in Pennsylvania.
    Yet, we mumble to ourselves, don't show up at the polls as educated voters and render ourselves as powerless. Your description of this president is right on target and does not surprise me.
    His arrogance and selfishness will be his legacy and our reward. I am sad for this nation and what it has become. Too bad that as Mr. Clinton made such jokes (as you referred to) and that someone could not have assembled some vocal protesters about, so that he could know that he had insulted your islanders.
    There comes a time when manners are not deserved.
    Silence, ignorance and apathy have put this man where he is today and I, also, am partly to blame along with others. This country desperately needs strong leaders with integrity.
    The disease of $$$ worship has spread to your home of Guam and I am sad to hear that you do not have a say in your local government. This angers me.
    May I suggest that you email Chris Matthews at Hardball on CNBC to see if your voices could be heard louder?
    Most people do not know the details of this and I think they would be interested to know what is happening there. Chris Matthews is a very fair person who might invite you on his program to speak about this situation. - Carol Barinella


  • Editor: Re Saving Social Security. The article "Clinton Administration Cuts Benefits" by Edward Anderson is an interesting one, but your publication is the only place I have seen this perspective.
    If the power brokers of the Republican Party really want to lead the nation they should obtain articles such as this and ensure wide public dissemination. They should try letters to the editor by party faithful, or talking points before senior citizens groups. -Arthur G. Shadforth


  • Editor: Re Newt's Resignation. Newt's last act may be his greatest. In resigning as Speaker and citing the need for the party to unify, this may be the focal point we've been needing.
    Lack of party unity led to the defeat of Tom Bordonaro by the widow of Walter Capps for the late California Congressman's seat. Party moderates faithful to Brooks Firestone in the special primary refused to support Bordonaro, a conservative. Many moderate Republicans crossed the party line to cast a "protest" ballot and the result is we now have Capps, a Democrat with definite far left leanings representing California's formerly solid Republican Central Coast.
    Rather than going down in flames as some liberal office holders would have us believe, Newt may well have lit the flame that lights the way for our party to reestablish the GOP as the best party for the U.S.-D. Michels, Lompoc, CA


  • Editor: Re political games. Even though I voted a straight ticket this past election, I took no joy or pride in doing so. Except for Bob Barr I don't see ANY republican with the courage or integrity to do what must be done with bill clinton. Very few republicans have any enduring principles and no democrats have any principles.
    I'm sick of the political games. Newt had to resign, in my opinion he was a nonconformist and was very poor at playing the game. At least in the beginning he strongly believed that America could walk away from socialism and once again be the great country it once was. When he tried to play the game he was destroyed.
    As a teenager in the 1960's I felt that our Constitution was being shredded and swore that I would never bring children into the world to live in a country without the freedom granted us by the founding fathers. Unfortunately I ignored my instinct and had four wonderful children.Now they will have to watch as their votes are wasted on empty headed politicians with the courage of worms.
    If we have to accept a treasonous criminal in the White House because none of our representatives has a strong enough belief in our Constitution and History then we may as well declare comrade clinton party chairman for life. After all he has spent his life dreaming of a totalitarian utopia ruled by Hillary. DOES ANYONE CARE?


  • Editor: Re Judge Starr's Report. You seem to confuse Congressman Hyde's "... Constitutional duty to complete its work in a fair and expeditious manner." with your personal need to move on with the execution.
    None of your long litany of crimes were mentioned in the Starr report as impeachable offenses, except for his claims of obstruction of justice and abuse of power in the Monica Lewinsky case. Judge Starr and the Justice Department looked into all of these issues and saw fit not to bring any charges or allegations forward.
    What do you know that Judge Starr doesn't know and why haven't you enlightened him with your facts. You need to remember Judge Starr in not a judge in his present role (and niether are you). He is a prosecutor, and his findings are his professional opinions not fact. It is up to Hyde's committee to determine what the facts are and if they warrant recommending congress begin the process of impeachment.
    It does not serve the republican elite well to accuse the country of rejecting the rule of law because he sent the republican congress a message. The American people are not fools and even sensible republicans will admit when the rule of law is being perverted in an extreme manner to achieve a political vendetta. The American people did not say they are willing to ignore the law.
    They were telling the republicans to quit using the law to carry out a political witch hunt and to get back to work on the real problems at hand. Your ranting editorial is another example of what the American people are rejecting.
    It will remain difficult to have serious discussions on the important issues (remember those?) that America cares about as long as shrill voices like yours insist on drowning out thoughtful dialogue with your continuing cries for a political jihad. -Erik Indvik


  • Editor: Re Newt's Resignation. I hope the RNC is planning ONE BIG-TIME BASH FOR HIS RETIREMENT. You'll be rolling in money and should pay to have at least a portion of his remarks on television.
    Those things that divide us are truly minimal (if you saw the demographics of the "average" Republican and Democrat, you'd really see it) while those things which SHOULD UNITE US AS AMERICANS ARE LIMITLESS!!
    We ALL want a good education for our children. We ALL want the disadvantaged to live decent and dignified lives. We ALL want a fair shot at the American Dream. We ALL want the politicians to stop raiding the Social Security Fund. We ALL want to feel safe as we walk in our neighborhoods.
    I am so extraordinarily proud of Newt Gingrich to put the nation (and his principles) above his own personal interests. Regardless of partisan inclination, Newt Gingrich is a GIANT as a conservative visionary, revolutionary, motivator, fund-raiser and now elder statesman. In his new role, he will even better serve the principles enumerated in his goal "To Renew America".
    With Monihan's announced retirement, we have lost two GIANTS in one day. I was, however, shocked at Dick Gephardt's thoughtless attack on Newt AFTER he announced he was NOT seeking the Speakership again and, in fact, retiring from Congress altogether. Of course, this is the same guy, who as the Democratic minority leader, labeled ALL Republicans as "cross and church burners". Another great illustration of Democratic "compassion"?
    Obviously, partisan Democrats who don't give a twit about this country and moving AMERICA's agenda are going to have to find another Republican "demon". In the meantime, Newt made me proud to be a "Boomer" unlike the "scumbag" in the White House. -Dave & Sharon Backs


  • Editor: Re Republican Disaster. I hope that the Republican Party realizes where its going. I live in Alabama where we just lost governor Fob James, a great man and a great governor. But he wasted his campaign time and money on talking about using the Alabama National Guard to protect the right of Judge Moore to have the Ten Commandments hanging on the courtroom wall. But while he was doing that, his opponent for governor was busy spending his time and money on making himself appear to voters as if he was caring and in tune with reality. - GD Otero


  • Editor: Impeachment. My question is Why is the Republican Congress afraid of William Jefferson Clinton. Why have they not refuted the lies he has told the American people in everything. Bills that got passed into law (bills that he was adamantly opposed to!) he claimed as his doing. Why has the Republican Congress allowed him to take credit for them? I see polls on the Internet where more people want him out of office than not, yet, to hear Matt Lauer, Katie Couric, et al, the opposite is true. What is it about Bill Clinton that intimidates people. Why would the Democratic Congress accept him always claiming "he saved the day." Is there anyone else in Washington working, or is it Bill & Hillary Clinton? I am so sick of these two people and I am sick of a "no guts" Congress. If Bill Clinton gets away with this, look out America! -Mike Hetzel


  • Editor: Clinton Impeachment. My name is George Murray. I am a native born american currently living in Calarasi Romania. I am writing to you because of my disgust for this "scumbag", William Jefferson Clinton.
    I was greatly humiliated as an american citizen when his grand jury testimony was shown on "international" television. Imagine sitting in a room with friends and having my president (america's role model) answering questions about how, when and where he did it. Translated in Romanian!
    I was in america from Dec '97 to May '98 and I remember quite clearly Mr. Clinton refusing to answer questions. I also remember him saying "I'm looking forward to finding out what this is all about". Some have suggested that Mr. Starr and the "partisan conspiracy" have pushed this to the shame of america, but we must not forget that Mr. Clinton himself is the one who forced this issue to surface by not answering questions in the beginning.
    Also there's the point about the graphic details which have appeared on televisions and in newspapers. Once again we must not forget that Mr. Clinton has been the one who tried using public opinion so save his sorry butt. If he continues to deny any sexual relationship but admitted to "an inappropriate relationship", shouldn't the american people (whom he made the jury) judge according to the facts. It's not about smearing the president, it's about letting the american people know what he did and asking themselves, "did hi lie?"
    I hold great respect for the office of president and it's that respect for the office which motivates me to cry and fight for his impeachment. The office of president must be protected from such slime persons as "William Jefferson Clinton".
    Mr. Clinton is a parasite. He's fattened himself off the life and blood of this great country. For the sake of America he must be removed from office.
    Clinton, give the american people back their dignity - RESIGN! Mr. Clinton, give the office of president back it's dignity - RESIGN! If Mr. Clinton was really "doing the job the american people have asked him to do" he would by a plane ticket (no, a bus ticket) back to Little Rock Arkansas. - George Murray


  • Editor: No Censure. I am no fan of the President, but your argument against Censure seems pretty silly to me. In this case, Censure is merely a public humiliation/discrediting/punishment (take your pick) with NO teeth to limit powers, perks or prerogatives. Who gives a dam if it's "unconstitutional"...that ain't the issue. The idea is to take the President to task for what may be described as "conduct unbecoming". If anyone thought it was important, it could be negotiated with the White House beforehand that any Censure would not be legally challenged by the President ever. And then move on to other issues. Personally, I think Impeachment is the better way to go. The issue will probably get to the Senate where it will be defeated. -David Rossow


  • Editor: Re DR's 'Federalist Papers' feature. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this exceedingly valuable resource! - Donna Falco


  • Editor: Re Clinton impeachment. This is going to split our country like the Southern Baptist Convention split in the 80's. It will hurt and anger all of us. We all will be divided on constitutional law, values and principles. We will find out just how unified we are as a country on values, principles, and constitutional law.
    Thomas Jefferson once said that in a true democracy, the people get the President they deserve. Why were we so willing to dismiss early signs of adultery,draft-dodging, and illegal drug use to have this President? What was it that we needed him to do for us so bady that we were willing to put aside principle, character and values? We all feel like Hillary, shamed, angry and willing to forgive but differently too in that we are ready to take Bill to task.
    Sometime doing the right thing isn't always popular. Standing on principle gives honesty, dignity and integrety back to the office. It's time to say goodbye to Bill as painful as it seems. - Rosita Torres Payne

  • Editor: Re Media Opinion Polls. I agree whole heartedly with your views on polls. I can't believe we have gone from what is "right" to what is "popular". - Shawn Pattison, Green Cove Springs, Florida


  • Editor: Re Starr attack. In the past 49 months, our rights, our laws, and our Constitution have been methodically attacked with a ferocity and zealousness not seen since the height of McCarthyism. Independant Procecutor Kenneth Starr (who is about asd "independant" and "impartial" as a firing squad) has been pursuing President Clinton with such doggedness that the judges that presided over the Salem Witch Trials would be proud.
    The worst of it, though, is that he's done it with the permission, help, and blessing of the Republican Congress and the corrupt Judicial system.
    Even though the public is sick of the non-scandal, we must look at the partisan political motivations of Starr and his allies and everything they've destroyed or weakened in their attempt to reverse the 1996 presidential election. First they gave the Office of the Independant Counsel, or OIC, all-reaching, unconstitutional power.
    More power than the Judicial, Executive, & Legislative branches combined. Then they made the OIC immune to due process as well as budget and time constraints.
    They next allowed for unlawful imprisonment and other behavior that would get any other lawyer dis-barred. They ignored violations of the law that created the OIC in the first place (a law that Starr himself originally opposed), and kept turning the other cheek when he violated the rules and regulations governing his position.
    Starr and his allies have been able to remove the President's complete and absolute trust in the Secret Service, his trust with his closest legal advisors, political advisors, and his own friends. They've nullified Executive Privilage.
    They've destroyed Attorney-Client Privilage. And in doing all this, they've removed every citizen's hope for privacy from teh "Big Government" that the GOP claims to hate, but has been encouraging since the Reagan administration.
    Most importantly, though, the people in congress have forgotten that they are there to serve us, not their PACs and agendas. I say that we show them our displeasure this November. I urge everone who is outraged by this travesty to register to vote this next eleciton, and vote Herr Starr's GOP backers out of office. Not for the office of the President's sake, or even the country's sake, but for our own sake and that of our children.
    If they can do all this to the president of the USA, imagine what they could do to a normal citizen. -Josh Brumm, Lawrence, Kansas


  • Editor: Re Republican Party. Republicans lost the last presidential election partly because we have lost control of the images of language. Change welfare as we know it ... and today is "is" "is"? Let us not miss the opportunity to make progress. We still dwell in the shadows of the Watergate Hotel. The public and media is still tagging everything in the current Clinton crisis as "-gate". This is a Clinton scandal not a Nixon scandal We must remove this twenty year plus stain from the party. What is amazing is that no one in the party is trying! How about "-willie" or "-willy" as filewilly, or travelwilly or Monicawillie? Take advantage of it! When I was a kid a "willie -willy" was the very body part that got this President in trouble. He we sit with our collective thumbs up our collective .sses and we are not taking advantage of a opportunity for change. Every conservative must, especially those who get air time, change the paradigm.- George Mann


  • Editor: Re Clinton resignation. In the last few days I've seen a lot of people worry that Clinton may "get off" without an impeachment hearing. Personally, short of a resignation, I see no other direction.
    If Clinton is not impeached then we have essentially made the office of president the close equivalent to king, one with no accountability to the people.
    I'm just glad this happened while we have a republican held Congress, I shudder to think what a precedent the democrats would set if given allowance. I would ask that you post where our congressmen stand on this issue as it evolves.
    This would allow amore informed vote. Note to our congress men: I have seen the impeachment issuse in a few ads already and while they are need would plead with you to notmake this the only issuse in the elections.
    Please continue to let the world know where we stand as a party and as a people.Please feel free to use my name in future publication if you like. - Tom Wilkins


  • Editor: Re Impeachment of Bill Clinton. If attempting to thwart the direction of impeachment hearings through actively collecting information for the purpose of intimidating Congressional leaders is not a capital crime, it certainly should be.
    Isn't this a clear RICO violation? Congressional representitives have a Constitutionally appointed responsibility to conduct an impeachment investigation into the numerous felonies which have been revealed through the Starr investigation. Anyone using any method to intimidate these federal officers is guilty of a very serious offense.
    Anybody who advocates or assists in any way related to this activity needs to be exposed and placed in a federal penitentary. This is an attack on the balance of powers principle contained in the Constitution of the United States. - Michael J


  • Editor: Re Constitutional Crisis. If Bill Clinton is not impeached then you can get rid of our constitution! The future of this nation will depend on the Republicans following our constitutional guide lines. I have read enough of the writings of our fore-fathers to know that they would not hesitate to impeach Mr. Clinton in a heart beat.
    We are a republic not a democracy, in a democracy if our society would vote to make rape or murder legal, then it would be legal, but not so in a republic. Our laws cannot be changed by popular vote, this is why our founding fathers created a republic verses a democracy. Opinion polls are dangerous as the tear away at the fabric of our republic. - D. Reeder


  • Editor: Re Resign Now. It is my belief that the pressure to bear, in order for the president to resign, should not be put on the Democrats, but on the Republicans.
    As conservative Americans, we need to hold Republicans accountable to the proper course of action and not capitulate. Our collective efforts need to go out as a warning to the Republicans, that if we do not have strong and courageous leadership displayed prior to the elections, that we WILL not support them in the November ballots.
    We, as Americans, know the Democrats for what they are, but when a Republican "rides the fence" and "waffles" on character issues when it will make a difference, we have absolutely no clue as to how they will represent us on more important issues, due to their mugwump posturing. This is an opportune time to avoid creating more division between Republicans and Democrats, but put Republicans on notice of the kind of leadership we expect.
    Democrats would love us to view them as the target and prove to them that this is nothing more than a partisan battle. If, however, we appeal and demand from our Republican representatives to do the right thing, we will show that this issue rises above any partisanship. - Jason Hayes


  • Editor: Re Starr Report. Well Done! Your site was the only site that I was able to find that had the entire Starr/Clinton report available for downloading to my local computer.
    I would guess that the other sites really don't want to offer the report in a manner that would be easy for people to read.
    Thanks!!! -Mark Woolman


  • Editor: Re Starr Report. Bill and Hillary Clinton should wait for the dust to settle, then retire from 1600 Penn. Ave. They risk becoming objects of ridicule and endless lampoons, otherwise. Resignation is the only route left to Clinton, his only chance to save a shred of dignity from his tenure. -J. C. Sykes


  • Editor: Clinton for King! In the last few days I've seen a lot of people worry that Clinton may "get off" without an impeachment hearing. Personally, short of a resignation, I see no other direction. If Clinton is not impeached then we have essentially made the office of president the close equivalent to king, one with no accountability to the people. I'm just glad this happened while we have a republican held Congress, I shudder to think what a precedent the democrats would set if given allowance. I would ask that you post where our congressmen stand on this issue as it evolves. This would allow a more informed vote. Note to our congress: I have seen the impeachment issuse in a few ads already and while they are needed, I would plead with you to not make this the only issuse in the elections. Please continue to let the world know where we stand as a party and as a people. -Tom Wilkins


  • Editor: Star Report. After reading both Judge Starr's report and the rebuttal by President Clinton's lawyers, I have concluded that the President did indeed commit perjury, witness tampering and the abuse of power as charged by the OIC.
    Judge Starr's report is well documented, corroborated, and buttressed by legal precedent. In contrast, the rebuttal by the President's lawyers is filled with selected excerpts which appear to only benefit their position. I cannot believe that the authors of the Constitution ever would condone perjury, witness tampering or abuse of power. I can only surmise that if confronted with the facts that the current President has been confronted with, had they held the office, they would choose the honorable path and resign - allowing the country and the system to heal.
    The current round of apologies by the President is an appalling attempt to hang on to the power that he and his wife have become so addicted to. The endless legal games that are employed against the citizens of the United States and it's Judiciary are other evidence of the desperation of this man. He is no longer able to govern effectively and in order to preserve the Union, he must for the good of the Country, resign.
    It is a dangerous position that President Clinton has put the entire Nation in. It is his doing and his alone. Had he been an honest man, none of us would have to be giving this matter any consideration. -Stuart Pennington


  • Editor: Re Starr Report. On the face of it, the Starr report indicates that this president has tried repeatedly to obstruct the judicial process. If this is ture, the president must go. On the other hand, polls indicate that a majority of the American populace want Clinton to stay on. Apparently, his claims that this investigation is an invasion of privacy has reverberated well with the American people. As we get into murkier waters, I would not be surprised if we see foreign policy being used once again to deflect the issue. I expect more bombings under the guise of combating terrorism. Wag the Dog Part II? - Sameer Lakhani


  • Editor: Re Clinton lies. I enjoyed reading your article. I especially appreciated being able to get the Republican party's "take" on the testimony and speech. But don't let the media dominate the news with their "facts," and don't hestitate to state your principled position on each article you present. Dr. Richard Reeb, Barstow


  • Editor: Re Senator Joseph I. Lieberman statement. I agree!!!!
    - Kandis B. Savage

  • Editor: Re presidential conduct. "I swear to tell the truth and only the truth, so help me God." A person who lies knowingly under oath and doesn't fear the judgment of God, doesn't care or fear lying to a nation, a congress, a judicial system, a television network, a cabinet, a reporter, a
    Clinton legal fund financial supporter, an American family, an American child, and even his own family. He then "fears nothing" and will say anything to get his way.
    If this situation has no relevance or significance like many of his supporters say, then why did he lie, if it was so insignificant? Why the lie about Gennifer Flowers, about Monica Lewinsky, and possibly about Paula Jones? Is it perhaps because people might see a pattern in all this."

    If he lies about such irrelevant things, as his supporters say, how can he be trusted to do what is right for the American people? How? If he were to do what was best for him will we ever know? Will he tell the truth? - Liliana Ballesteros-Brown, El Paso

  • Editor: Re President Clinton's story. I am extremely diheartened by the President's muddled and insincere apology/confession. The president utilized the Map room of the White House as his own field expedient Confessional and the camera as his Priest. Through his "Priest," the oresident offered us his confession with the hopes that we would send him off to Martha's Vinyard to say a few Hail Mary's and all would be forgiven.

    While I had hopes that the President would give the nation an answer to relinquish Ken Starr from the burden of investigating, that dog just don't hunt. William Jefferson Clinton only served to re-enforce all the reasons of character that has kept me from voting for him in two elections. I could have put my ideological differences away and voted for Mr. Clinton in 1992 if it was not for his lack of integrity, accountability, and honor. His lack of candour in this entire debacle can be recounted in those three words. I have not, nor will I ever be able to support any man or women, who posses a character as infinetly bankrupt as president Clinton. -US Marine

  • Editor: Re Clinton debacle. The speech by Bill Clinton was an unmitaged diaster. The president rallied the die hard defenders with his attacks on Ken Starr, but insulted the republican moderates who were prepared to offer him an olive branch. But Clinton was supposed to apologize for having a grossly immoral affair in the Oval Office, and for lying to the American people. Instead, he carefully couched his statement to include only a "regret" statement, and he denied lying in the Paula Jones diposition. In other words, as the president was apologizing for lying to the American people about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky, he lied about his testimony in the Paula Jones diposition. The president is in serious jeapordy, more now than even before! -Name witheld

  • Editor: Re Justice Powell passing. Last week retired Supreme Court justice Louis Powel died of pneumonia at the age of 90. I will always remember justice Powel as the swing vote on the court that was responsible for one of the greatest injustices in the history of this country. Since the civil rights laws were passed in 1964 establishing the right of all people to equal justice under the law, there had been those who attempted to use these laws as a cover for inflicting racism and discrimination against white males.
    Quietly, programs and policies began to sprout up all over the country giving preferences of one kind or another to women and minorities. Even though such policies flew in the face of the civil rights laws, they were allowed to continue.
    What judge Louis Powel and the Supreme Court did in 1978 (through the Bakke decision and later through the Webber decision) was to give legal sanction to these racist policies. The Supreme Court basically established two classes of individuals in this country, women and minorities who are accorded unconditional protection from discrimination in all facets of society, and white males who are denied such rights.
    Today discrimination against white males is rampant throughout our society. From school admissions, to scholarship awards, to business recruiting policies, to job promotions white males are routinely discriminated against. We have grown so accustomed to this that it is hard to imagine our country without affirmative action.
    In interviews taken since the 1978 rulings, justice Powel expressed surprise that these affirmative action decisions caused so little uproar among American white males. I suppose he felt we accepted them because we knew we were guilty and deserving of punishment. It is time that this complacency end. Americans of all classes who believe in true justice should stand up and demand that discrimination be ended once and for all.
    Through the political process, through political protest, and through organizations such as the American Civil Rights Coalition based in Sacramento, we must stand up together and demand an end to this legacy of "justice" Louis Powel. -Jeff Burhans, Sacramento


  • Editor: Re Franklin Graham OpEd piece. It is so refreshing to read Mr. Graham's opinion on the president. I was sickened when I heard the comparison of Bill Clinton to King David of Scripture. Mr. Graham articulated my exact thoughts on the comparison. Thank you for printing his voice. It is not seen in the bias of the other news sources. -Judi Kirby

  • Editor: Re Franklin Graham OpEd piece. Wow! Terrific comment by Mr Graham...helps to keep focused on the REAL issue here. - Jerri Moore, Tx

  • Editor: Re International Newspapers. I really enjoy reading other than American views. Our journalist have neither objectivity nor the gumption to state news as it is. They are too busy stating there own political agenda. Keep up the good work around the world.- Harry H. Boyette


  • Editor: Re Clinton character.Having read the comments on the President's diatribe to the nation last week Monday, are you aware of his further blathering reported by CNN's Wolf Blitzer later that evening from the White House lawn?
    Apparently, Mr. Clinton stated that admitting his regret (regret of what? being caught?) to the American public was the "hardest thing [he] ever had to do", this being from our nation's chief executive officer who has placed our young people in harm's way in deadly conflicts around the globe.
    Our family is sickened by this manipulative beast who promised his administration would be the most ethical to ever arrive in Washington. I have e-mailed the President urging him to resign. I have dispatched other e-mails to notable politicians, both in his camp and ours, who have already spoken in this matter.
    This man must either resign, to save the dignity that must be retained in this office, or must be removed from office through due process by the representatives of our nation. -Christopher Koceja




  • Editor: Re Clinton character. It's surprising to me ... common, ordinary tax-paying American ... that it has taken such an extra-ordinary blast to expose this individual to the US and the rest of the world. The question now is simply how do we put him behind us and move forward with the concerns of not only running our government, but regaining the world's respect. - Horace Means


  • Editor" Re Clinton character. Mr. clinton is no longer fit to lead this country. He needs to resign; barring that he must be impeached! Crooks and Liars have no place in the White House! - J Jensen


  • Editor: Re Clinton's twisted character. I am ashamed to think that, just because Bill Clinton has sweet talked and lied his way to the White House, Congress would even consider letting him "ride".
    The law says that if you lie under oath, you go to jail. You do not receive a pension for the rest of your life, you go JAIL.
    The talk about letting Clinton remain in office so that we can pass a few pet bills is one reason that most Americans rate politicians, lawyers, and used car salesmen lower than the snakes that crawl on their bellies.
    It is about time that the men and women in Washington stand up for America, not their own personal agenda, and rid us of our number one embarrassment, president Bill Clinton, a dope smoking, womanizing, draft dodging, liar. Character does count. -BJ Land


  • Editor: Re standing up story. Not all women fail to stand on this issue. In fact, most of the South Dakotans I know agree with Mr. Quinn.
    As an American I am ashamed of the polls the world reads, and as a woman I am ashamed of the " womans groups" that have so failed to call a spade a spade. I write my Senator and hope he listens- we will see.
    Bravo to Mr. Quinn for a good article, why not print it mainstream? - M. Mucciante, Clear Lake, SD


  • Editor: Re Tell me the reason no one wants to stand up. I whole heartedly agree with Mr. Michael Quinn. The mealy mouth "ladies" who wanted to tar and feather Republicans who supposedly stepped over the flirting boundry, are no where to be seen or heard. Why is this?
    It's because the National Organization for Women is a farce. As long as they can get and keep publicity for their cause they are a vocal lot, like chickens in a pen. Now that their poster boy, the ass that is in the White House, has been shown to be a lecher of the worst type their silence is indeed defening. These foolish women have no credibility what so ever in my eyes.
    I haven't met any women lately that even claim to have been associated with the afore mentioned organization for women. After Clinton is impeached maybe these "ladies" will change their their minds again.
    I guess that is the privledge of women to change their minds. -Edward A Crawford


  • Editor: Re Where are the women? I totally agree with your editorial about the absence of any outrage by liberal women about the conduct of Mr. Clinton.
    I have wondered for a long time how in the world they could talk about Mr. Packwood and Justice Thomas the way they did and not support Paula Jones or condemn any of Clinton's actions. Since I am a woman I have been outraged for quite some time.
    The only explanation is that they are not truly about supporting women, they are only about supporting liberals, AKA Marxists, AKA Nazis (harsh, but tell me the real differences!). -JCA Phantom


  • Editor: Re "Where are the women?" My question is where are the Republican leaders? Why has the Republican leadership allowed the lying, deceiving democrats of which Bill & Hillary Clinton are chief leaders, to intimidate them into silence.
    Where were the Republicans when Bill Clinton was claiming what "he" has done to help America, when in fact it was Republican legislation that got the job done, e.g., the welfare reform!
    By the way, I notice that little by little the Mongs are getting back their food stamps and welfare checks? Why do the Mongs get a $3,000 rebate when they buy a house and we "Americans" don't?
    Where is the so called "Contract with America?" Are politicans so intent on keeping their job that they will sell their soul to stay in office.
    You have enough evidence without Ken Starr to hang Bill & Hillary Clinton. Every once in a while I hear a Republican leader stand up for morality and then when the heat is on they cower back into their corner.
    Why has the Congress allowed the White House to tear down Ken Starr (when Bill Clinton & Janet Reno have the authority to fire him). I thank God for Ken Starr and his tenacity to do his job in the midst of all the lies about him. Bill & Hillary are guilty in my opinion and the leadership just keeps cowering down to them. DO NOT LINK ME IN THE SAME CATEGORY AS A FEMINIST. I AM NOT! I WAS BROUGHT UP IN A WONDERFUL FAMILY WHO TAUGHT ME ABOUT JESUS. AND MY FAMILY TAUGHT ME THAT WHAT GOD SAYS HE MEANS, AND HE MEANS WHAT HE SAYS!!! No matter what happens, He is Lord and when we face Him, He won't cower back in fear! All of this immorality and deceit in America is a stench in His nostrils. -Mike Hetzel

  • Editor: Re Facing History story. This editorial reads like something written by Liberal Democrats advising Clinton on how best to survive. We the people do not want to forgive and move on. President Clinton should be removed from office for his numerous crimes, possibly including high treason. What were you thinking?
    I would also like to remark on your closing thoughts about President Clinton's 'legacy' "on broadening world trade, reshaping his party (and Britain's Labour [???]) to a more realistic view of raising living standards through capital markets, and reforming the welfare state".
    That is quite an amazing statement.
    First of all, President Clinton's intent is to bring on Global Government and then you are really going to see his liberal/welfare_state side.
    The posture of reforming welfare and reducing government is nothing more than a political ploy to steal some of the best ideas from the Republicans so as to get votes and popularity (since his polls tell him that that's what the people really wants, he pretends to be Republican-like, at least in words; but in deeds he has fought welfare reform and constantly tries to increases the size of government).
    This is all well know and thoroughly documented by conservative writers, as you should well know.
    Second, the so called "expansion of capital markets" has turned out to be a way to get Asian governments to help him fund his reelection and the Democrat Party in general (and who knows how much personal gain has been accrued by some people in this whole selling of American favours).
    In particular, his dealings with China clearly are not expansion of trade; they rather smack of selling American secrets for economic and possibly ideological favours to his pals in the communist world. This is exactly what you would expect from a leftist democrat and is not done to help the US, but his own agenda.
    Finally, since when is President Clinton deciding policy or actions for Great Britain? Again, I repeat, what were you guys thinking? You (should) know all of this.
    I hope you find it in your heart to set this straight in a future column, otherwise a lot of people are going to be confused. Thank you for all your good work. -Ivan

  • Editor: Re Clinton subpoena. What's all the hubbub about FORCING Clinton to testify before the grand jury? Let's surprise him and NOT ALLOW him to testify. We are not so naive as to think he will add to the mass of facts already garnered by the independent prosecutor. (Remember the draft, marijuana, Jennifer Flowers, Whitewater, MacDougall, Hubbell, travelgate, FBI-filesgate, Kathleen Wiley, Paula Jones, not to mention Monica Lewinsky. Clinton has not added to the evidence gathered here.) Surely there is enough evidence to proceed with an indictment, or impeachment, or both, without hearing from the accused. If, on the other hand, he should then demand to be allowed to testify, then the arena will be already determined: the witness stand, direct questining, cross-examination, all without the presence of his lawyers. Let's proceed without waiting for his confession or denial. The facts will speak for themselves. -Orville Schaeffer


  • Editor: Re Clinton debacle. Thanks for keeping us aware of what is happening. I have never seen such an outrage. -Barbara Selleck

  • Editor: Re the column Taking issue with debt thinking on Friday July 24, 1998, by professor M. Meeropol. This column describes debt as healthy! When our debt finally grows to where we can't even make the interest payments, what will this author say then?!! -S.M. Crandall

  • Editor: Re Monetizing the debt story. I'm having a hard time trying to understand Jim Ferrin's Sunday Republican column Monetizing the debt, a rambling and uncomprehensible essay about our economy.

    President Clinton has managed to correct our course, wipe out the deficit created by the decadent years of Reagan/Bush and create a surplus in our governments coffers without raising taxes. Hello?

    I, for one, a former life-long Republican can no longer endure the hateful message of my former party nor the fiscal irresponsibility of our recent former leaders.

    Give me Bill Clinton, his intelligence and his policies anytime. My former party, the Republican Party, is lost.

    I have found a new party that actually gets things done...The Democrats. Thanks to President Clinton, I can, once again, be proud to be an American! -Larry White

  • Editor: Re Time to give it up. That article is 'right on'. Here we are celebrating yet another "Liberation Day" of Guam from the Japanese, which is really the recapture of Guam by the U.S. - the land is still not liberated 54 years later.
    We can still remember the Navy was simply taking what land it wanted. It was not a pretty picture. Taking property, by force, from private ownership without just compensation is always ugly, not to mention for the darkest of reason, the destruction of people using nuclear bombs.
    That unconscionable action has resulted not only in dependency, but also in the lack of a comprehensive land use plan that should incorporate air and ground transportation safety, town planning, conservation and environmental protection and sustainable economic growth not to mention the affordable housing problems.
    It is common knowledge that greater portions of the land taken are treated like the sacred cows in India - not utilized and totally counterproductive. The evidence is in the downward spiraling conditions that speak for themselves. With handouts, family values, community values, and work ethics have all suffered degradation.
    The paradox in all this is that people are really looking forward to improvements in the quality of their lives and prosperity in the future. Yet, as a community, they ignore all the wake up calls from having compromised the fundamental principles of democracy, human rights, and justice.
    "Fanohge Chamorro Pot I Tano'-Ta" has become the most desecrated song worldwide. That beautiful patriotic song is orchestrally mocked from within the ranks and file of the Government of Guam and the Federal Government. Instead of standing up for our land, basic rights, and principles, our governmental leaders are delivering foodstamps, government housing, and welfare.
    With Individual Economic Freedoms on Guam, WE Can Be All That We Can without begging from Uncle Sam. But if I don't stand up for property rights, who will?
    Remember, Guam was self-sufficient before and even throughout WWII. I say, Private Property Rights . . . Protect Them!
    The bottom line, however, is that it's so much easier to do nothing, by far the easiest thing to do. And those who want to do nothing, far out numbered those who want to help right the wrong.
    And, the "leaders" are but a bunch of cowards, frozen stiff and totally unable to muster up an ounce of self-reliance. At the same time, they are blinded by their political power, money, and greed.
    The song that they are singing is how good the food stamps are at all the supermarkets. The people are supposed to be happy celebrating the fortune of full bellies from free food every day and government grant homes.
    People on Guam are now starting to believe that they are the chosen people. But you wait. When all hell breaks loose, like in the Philippines, the "leaders" will be the first to leave Guam.
    I say, "Fanohge Chamorro Pot I Tano'-Ta!" Follow the age-old proven principles that are still good even in these modern day times. That is the one and only "way forward." Compromising principles will place us in a constant downward spiral. What I really like to see is for the sanction on our economic freedoms lifted. -Tony Artero

  • Editor: Re Nuclear Audit story. I hope when some outfit that is not a left-wing adovcacy group does a study on the costs of nuclear weapons, you'll share that with us too. I presume they didn't analyze the opportunity cost associated with destruction of the US by communism, fascism, et al. ["Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." Albert Einstein]- Kent Rebman


  • Editor: Re Clinton impeachement. It seems to me that some case can be made for Clinton's impeachment on the cummulation of evidence that he has demeaned and twarted the legal process that he has sworn to uphold. He may not be legally culpable, but impeachment in not a legal question (entirely). OJ and others can get away with it, but as the President, his attacks and negative information gathering on Starr, Tripp, and others opposing him constitutes High crimes and misdameaners. - bob jones


  • Editor: Re Clinton. Though Clinton is seen by a majority of citizens as guilty of sexual misconduct with Ms. Levinsky and others--in short, as a liar and a perjurer as well as a womanizer without shame--he apparently still enjoys a more than 60% approval rating.
    This is a shocking commentary on the values of our citizens; but what is truly depressing is Clinton's far more remarkable transformation of the executive branch of the U. S. government into something truly evil and corrupt in a manner so blatant and high-handed that for the first time, I think, many who love this country are coming to realize just how helpless they are in the face of such a bold usurpation.
    This is the first administration in this country's history that succeeds on a daily basis in openly defying the laws and the Constitution of this once proud republic. Its president is now a petty criminal immunized from prosecution by a dilligent cadre of lawyers which in other days and in other courtrooms labored so hard and so long to protect the worst elements in our society.
    If justice delayed is justice denied, it is apparent that there will be no justice where President Clinton is concerned. His legal team--its astronomical fees taken from the country's treasury--will see to it that no judgment will ever be rendered while he remains president of the United States.
    On cannot hang a powerful monarch unless he is a willing participant; and this one is not willing. In short, what Clinton's continued presidency proves is that an unprincipled ne'r do well can obtain by a process of stealth and lies the office of the presidency, and once ascendant, no matter what his amoral predilictions or crimes may be, he can retain the office and rule with impunity.
    There are many lessons in this for any future usurper: If he can get backing by a powerful and wealthy conglomerate--or even a foreign nation--he can not only become president, but while president he may act with virtual impunity as he flouts the nations laws, sells its assets to the highest bidder, both foreign and domestic, and distributes portions of the nation's treasury to those factions which support and depend upon his continued rule. To retain power he may be allowed--with the assistance of his justice department and his willing cadre of well-paid surrogates--to destroy his enemies' character with damning lies and the unrelenting piling on of false rumors and innuendoes. In this endeavor he will be supported by the established media which depends entirely upon his administration for its access to the government's daily handouts. And if destroying his enemies' reputations is not sufficient, he will be able to employ other, more direct ways to silence his critics--especially in a land so corrupt that a verdict of suicide or accidental death is quickly and easily rendered by a compliant justice system. Finally, emboldened by a bureaucracy whose dependency upon him is total, his control over discussion of any public or govermental issue becomes all but complete. Any honest accountability of the executive branch is out of the question, while executive orders circumventing the legislative body can be issued without fear of retalliation or opposition, since unaware legislators concern themselves primarily with the perpetuation of their lucrative contract to remain in office. Though a few dissenting voices may be raised, the issue will seldom if ever be in doubt as the incremental, but relentless usurpations of power continue apace. This lesson--this successful usurpation by an unscrupulous demagogue and libertine--will never be lost on any future historians. They will point out that it doesn't matter what manner of man is presented to the public as long as he is well-financed and the Press is in the bag. And they will probably note with sorrow that it was during the Clinton presidency when this nation "of the people, by the people, and for the people" did indeed perish from the earth.
    This will remain William Jefferson Clinton's enduring legacy.
    -William C. Knott


  • Editor: Re Long Beach Naval Station story. Well, why not. Clinton has been doing his best to dismantle our military during his presidency, why not give our Naval Ship Yard to China. First he gives them military plane metal bending machinery, secret satellite codes, why not let them build a secret base on our soil. I wouldn't put it past them and Clinton for allowing it.
    When will the public open their eyes! -Michael "Boomer" Wayne

  • Editor: Re California judicial action 'crystal ball' is thrown out. Two points about this story: 1. Judge Dodds was a judge in Santa Barbara County. Your article inferred that he was a Los Angeles County judge. 2. I was surprised that Dodds actually sued ABC. I have personally witnessed the "crystal ball" routine, and will personally attest to witnessing (and being the victim) of Dodds' un-judicial behavior while on the bench. It is my understanding that he is no longer on the bench, which is no great loss to the legal community. -BW Radley

  • Editor: Re Calvin & Hobbes story. I really loved the article on Calvin and Hobbes, and the research was wonderfully thorough. Living in "liberalville" Connecticut, I wondered why several years ago, Calvin and Hobbes was removed from the local paper, and pretty much disappeared from sight. Realizing now that the strip was actually good, worth reading, and instilling values in it's readers and well as being funny, of course we can't have that! So, I've managed to collect several of the books, and I hope Watterson is working on another on. -Avis Hatcher



  • Editor: Re Brill's Content Magazine. It does not take brains to realize the this magazine was put out for one purpose. The news media does itself and us a disservice to let this man appear and spread his garbage. -Pat Creamer

  • Editor: Re Brill's Content story & OIC letter. I have read the letter, though a bit long, but complete. I believe Mr.. Star did an excellent job of showing what Mr. Brill is....a LIAR, with the express purpose of selling his journal. Anyone that has a subscription to his magazine should immediately cancel it. -Ted


  • Editor: Re '...a dishonest president". I read Ms. Rosett's article about "A 'Dishonest President..." and I agree with her wholeheartedly. Clinton is a liar, a cheat, a sycophant, hypocrite, etc. He sickens me, I'm truly ashamed that my country elected this degenerate as president.-Patrick

  • Editor: Re A dishonest president cheapens our ideals. Excellent piece of which I whole heartedly agree.-Gladys Waters


  • Editor: Re DR Web site, I just found you on the web when looking up "Clinton+Communist+Connection". I have found your articles very disturbing yet, if true, very necessary for public awareness. I was wondering if you could fill me in on the background of the Daily Republican, i.e., owners, mission statement, authenticity of information. Thanks for answering my questions. I hope to hear from you soon. -A Bball Mom


  • Editor: Re A dishonest president. Thank you so much for your article.It is so good for some one to tell the truth it is so refreshing. As far as I am concerned this Administration is not the most ethical administration the President promised us. -NCbumpkin

  • Editor: Re DR Web Site. I just found this page from my history class, and I think this is a great page. It really makes people think when your eyes are glued to the numbers going up and knowing what a retard for a president we have. Keep up the good work. -Rick Haggstrom


  • Editor: Re Tax Code. Thank you Republicans for getting to the basis of all our problems. Thepresent tax code is a disgrace to the country, a medium that discourages it's citizens to plan for the future. This code is unfair to every one of us and I must add archaic in design besides being a tool for robbing it's citizens unjustly. It's time Government realizes it's place in society as an arm of the people to govern not the police state it has become. I believe every Politician should learn what our Constitution contains and what it means to it's people. This document can not be changed, altered or rewritten for those who wish to make gains upon the backs of others. -George Woodin

  • Editor: Re HR 438. This is a meaningless gesture equivalent to locking the barn door after the horse was stolen. If a military person had given this information to the Chinese, they would be sent to Leavenworth for life, or worse. The American people deserve more than meaningless gestures when their security is sold to foreign powers for 30 pieces of silver. If there is anyone left in Congress with integrity and self-respect, they must take appropriate action against the governmental and industrial personalities who facilitiated this technology transfer. It is also the responsibility of Congress to defend the country against this new, increased threat -- an endeavor which will be expensive, time-consuming, and complicated. If memebers of Congress lack the courage and tenacity to do what must be done, maybe they should get another job. - Dennis Frill

  • Editor: Re Clinton unAmerican. It might just be too obvious, but would the KGB not have been very delinquent in their duties if they did not make some type of contact will "Slick Willie" a long time ago. After all you have this kid running around Moscow denouncing his own country. Now come on! We Americans are so naive. -Michael Parks


  • Editor: Re Clinton 'Executive Order'.If this story doesn't wake the American people plus all others in the free world, then what will. This is TREASON! -Marion C. Harris

  • Editor: DR format. I was surfing the www when I surfed up onto your cool site! I really liked your use of color and how the graphics were laid out. There are so many bad sites out there, it is a pleasure to find a nice one. Good job! You should be proud of your home page! - Onkel Ken

  • Editor: Re Public Morals. "There is seldom an instance of a man guilty of betraying his country, who had not before lost the feeling of moral obligations in is private connections" -Samuel Adams


  • Editor: Re Clinton Missle technology transfer. With some planning and foethought, China has attained priceless political goals for less than the price of ONE small missle.
    China bought an Arkansas politician cheap and he was not only willing to sell out the United States, he sold out CHEAP, destabilized a precarious nuclear situation AND at the same time - for one low price - refuses to take responsibility for his treasonous actions! This is one-half of a sociopathic-couple currently masquerading as leaders!! China gains are beyonds their wildest hopes - new missle technologyat a low price which terrifys their great potential adversary, India, who responds as they must, and they inturn, terrify THEIR old adversary, Pakistan!
    China gets to sit back with new missle technolgy, chuckling that this greedy trator didn't even care that he jepordized the WORLD'S POPULATION FOR AFEW BUCKS, and watch India be preoccupied with Pakistan, thus saving China money and effort by "sitting out" this upcoming arms race/ war So now india has a "HINDU" A-Bomb.
    Pakistan will shortly demonstrate a "MOSLEM" A-bomb. Look for the Afghanis to try and deliver these Pakistani "flowers" by low-tech methods - like truck - world-wide...look for Indonesia to try and re-focus on outside problems (Hindu A- bombs would qualify) rather than self-detruction...look for an Israel- India Axis - Israel technolgy and India's size would be formadible - provided israel can survive - let us not forget that israel was Hours away from erasure in 1973!! Netanyahu hasn't, Albright apparently has.
    Big winner: China Big Loser: United States Biggest potential Loser: The Entire World All of this so some childish pig can try and find a legacy of something to go along side his churlish and traitorous career. - Roswell Tommy

  • Editor: Re "What We Know". An excellent DR article by Mr. Bennett on "What We Know". Why can't someone get air time from all the major channels and read this article. Something needs to be done. The American public is being destroyed by this president and his enablers. I find it hard to believe that the polls are true. As someone else stated earlier on tv, we are watching the death of shame by watching this president in office. How true. Can't we do something?
    I love theDaily Republican Newspaper web page.
    Both my husband and I believe this president should be impeached. My husband is a democrat, and I am a republican. It doesn't matter what the party is, right versus wrong and not right versus left, should prevail. I do hope that right will win and honor can be restored to our whitehouse. Loyal Reader. Ohio


  • Editor: Re Daily Republican journalism. Having seen your newspaper while browsing through the U.S. newspapers on the net I would like to take up your offer of the free subsription. Although I live in the UK it is refreshing to read opinion from the US press that does not have a tint of red. It's also refreshing to see that not everything that comes from California is PC. The DR tells it as it is. I look forward to receiving the subsription. -Ralph Cutting.

  • Editor: Re Clinton investigation stories. I truly believe that the White House, the large variety of Democrats that dwell within, is covering much more than any republicans, or any court will be able to bring to light with proof. I hate to use the old adage, but "I'll believe it when I see it." The democrats, namely the Clinton's, have stalled, lied, changed the subject, made their own accusations, and have tried to use the laws of this land made to protect the people in ways they were never meant to be used. I admit to never liking Clinton, but truth to tell the Clinton's, not just Bill, have amazed me with their duplicity coupled with their blatant and outright lies. It is my opinion, and hopefully not mine alone, that the Clinton's, and many of their associate and cohorts, should be found in contempt by the American people. They have misused the office of the President and various other offices associated to it.
    I applaud the Daily Republican for making the information available to the American public that cannot be found in many of the country's much biased news sources. Angered, watching and waiting. -Engine 6947

  • Editor: Re What We Know About Apathy story. I'll tell you why the American people are apathetic. We're apathetic because we see a president literally getting away with murder while Congress is sitting on its fat ass too scared of its own dirty laundry to do anything about it. These poles that say Clinton's approval rating is at an all time high is total Bull. If you ask the questions the right way you can get any result you want. True patriotic Americans who still believe in freedom, honesty, and truth want his scum-bag, skirt-chasing, global New World Order, love the U.N. ass out of office... Americans are going to remain apathetic until Congress acts instead of sleeps. What is happing in this country is a total tragedy! -Carl

  • Editor: Re What Judge Star knows story. I just wanted to let you know that we all appreciate your articles. It's nice to know that there are credible sources still willing to state the truth. - Allan 'Mac' Burr

  • Editor: Re What We Know, story. It would be nice if Republicans would speak out for once, most of the time democrats do all the talking. They defend the President regardless of what he does. I have lost all respect for the democratic leadership. As far as I am concerned, the Clinton Administration is corrupt and sleazy. Congress needs to try to curb Mr Clintons powers before he sells this country out completely. Let us hope Congress will have the will to do something about it. They need to let the American people hear the whole mess. Most people work so hard just to satisfy the tax demands our government puts on us, they don't have time to keep up with the corruption of the Clinton administration. -Charlotte Icenogle

  • Editor: Re What We Know About Apathy DR story. In this brief article comes the thoughts of millions of us out here. Why do the Republican leadership take their cues from liberal newspapers and other media and not those places that are in touch with the people who will vote for them. They are highly mistaken if they think I'll (and many others) will vote for them no matter what they do. That is the way the left operates. "Read my lips" should prove this to them. - Perry

  • Editor: Re Republican leadership. There is no leadership, all they do is send out letters whining for more money, and until I see legislation under way for school vouchers, less government, going after the drug dealers like they have gone after the tobacco compainies, no government as nanny, and lower taxes they aren't seeing another dime of my money. It is a disgrace that the Republicans in Congress think the polls are right. I don't know anyone - Democrats included that think that Clinton and his cohorts haven't done most of what is alleged. The pork is rolling out of Washington with a Republican stamp on it. They are trying to "save the children" from tobacco and guns - what they want to do is communist indocrtination.-Adele Pauley

  • Editor: Re Clinton investigations. I think these court proceedings should be made public. It is ridiculous how the White House stonewalls Ken Starr's investigation. And it is disgusting how the main stream news media does not report the whole story ... only slants the story to make the Republicans and Ken Starr look bad. I hate to read our local newspaper. Republicans and Democrats were elected to do a job. For an administration that talks about bipartisan, all you ever hear from them is how partisan the Republicans are. This administration is good and lying about other people and trying to get the focus off of them. I can't stand to look at either Bill or Hillary. -Mike Hetzel

  • Editor: Re Clinton botched books. Your commentary should be an eye opener to the American people provided, the press would headline it. It shows to what length this President will go, to fool the nation. This country had better wake up and put an end to this administration. - Charlotte Icenogle

  • Editor: In Re Clinton rhetoric. You are right about President Clinton's economic plan. He believe that the oath of office he took stands for, "ON MY HONOR I WILL DO MY BEST TO ENRICH MYSELF AND TO HELL WITH THE REST." His Administration's downsizing action on Guam transformed Guam once more. Guam was transformed from self-sufficiency to government dependency 53 years ago. Now we have Clinton's transformation to Socialism. -Tony Artero

  • Editor: Calvin & Hobbes. Your claim that Calvin and Hobbes are metaphors for Republican values is undoubtedly the biggest piece of fluff I have ever read. However, it is comparable in audacity with Rush Limbaugh's claim that Forrest Gump was a conservative. -Chris Moirrison, Tulane U.

  • Editor: In Re Chinese Munnies. I understand that some of the bodies had superbly woven woollen garments which closely resembled Tartan (or plaid) which was worn by the Ancient Celts and still is Scotland today.
    Does anyone know which modern Tartan most closely resembles the material found on the Takla Makan mummies? Can anyone send me any pictures of the Tartan.
    I know us Scots are renowned for being great explorers and adventurers, but going on a holiday to the Takla Makan desert over 2000 years is unbelievable. -Alan Taylor


  • Editor: Re Story by Gregory D. Foster is the George C. Marshall professor at the National Defense University, Washington. I think the word "majesty" refers to a monarchy. If Clinton takes away the majesty of the office, as one of your artilces suggsts, then so be it. A president is just a human being, not a king or queen. You may want to review your American history to see that the founding fathers rejected monarchies. Your other comments may have merit. However all this respect for the "majesty" of the office stuff smacks of a primitive desire to have a royal family. That is not good, no matter what thepolitical persuasion. - Dr. Paul Gentle, University of Georgia

  • Editor: Re Impeachment. It is my humble opinion that this whole matter has been BLOWN WAY OUT OF PROPORTION!! Congress has already looked into the campaign finance "scandal" and found nothing to indict either President Clinton or Vice President Gore - Nothing.

    While the entire mess was slimy, to say the least, there was no hard evidence that national security or foreign policy was unduly compromised or influenced. As to the travel office "scandal", aka Travelgate, it was an embarrasement to the President but an impeachable offense - NO.

    And Whitwater, after years of investigation and hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of taxpayers dollars later we have NO hard evidence that either President Clinton or Hillary Rodham Clinton did anything criminal. And now we have the "sex scandal". Notice I put the word scandal in quotations? That is because everytime the media refers to reported Clinton misdeeds they almost always include the word scandal. Scandal has become an overused word in regards to President Clinton.

    his whole "sex scandal" is a joke and the country knows it. Just look at the various opinion polls that newspapaers and TV stations conduct and you will find that the American public doesn't care. While some poll actually say the the majority of people surveyed believe he did do sexual thigs with Monica Lewinski, they still give the President high approval ratings. Sound like an American population that wants their President impeached? NOPE!

    It is my hope that Mr. Hyde and the House Judicary Committe dismisses the whole Starr report as bunk and drops this embarrassing investigation in President Clinton's life. Kenneth Starr should be given his walking papers and his report should be given the proper trash can burial it deserves. -Mike Dwinnells

  • Editor: Re National Debt. Isn't it true that many of the early poloticians in this country were self employed farmers and business men. They did not ask for nice salaries and programs to pat on the back of the poor and make them feel all cozy and safe from big daddy reality. So strange but definitely the government is footing the expense of some people at the cost of all the people. When does a national debt shutdown a government? I don't get it...5 trillion is RIDICULOUS. -Monterosso


  • Editor: Re Story feature. I would be very interested in an article which highlights ALL the different scandals which have surrounded the president. From his time in Arkansas to Kathleen Willey there have been tons of scandals to report. It would also be extremely interesting to see a list of all his friends or co-workers who have been indicted and those that have gone to jail. All the special investigations which have been made and names of all the investigators. I've looked for a story like this or a chart showing this sort of information but have been unable to find anything like it. I think it would be very interesting and open a lot of eyes to what is happening in our White House. -Steven H. Dustmann

  • Editor: Re Presidential Sexual Misconduct stories. The Clinton Administration has been mired in one scandal after another. The Willey accusation should be grounds to have him step down until this can be settled in court. -A.R. Kelly


  • Editor: Re Dr story on McDougal death. This administration reads like a cheap paperback. The president keeps having his dear friends die around him just as they are about to provide damaging testimony. Vincent Foster, Ron Brown, James McDougal and a whole host of suicides down south in Dixie? Come on, obviously the leadership of the GOP is choosing to look the other way for some reason.

    Trent Lott's feable attempt to thwart the Starr investigation has all the earmarks of malfeasence. The American people depend upon the integrity of those charged with maintaining a system of 'checks and balances'. The Clinton administration obviously nothing to fear from Trent Nothing and the Newt. -Michael Parks

  • Editor: Re Clinton staying power. With all the things going on other than Monica how can this man still be in office? Do our elected officials believe they can honestly fool all the people all of the time?

    This is the saddest time in the history of this great country.

    ...[T]he country will take along time to heal after the majority of the people finally get the rest of the story. -L. Canada


  • Editor: Re Clinton Iraq policy. I suggest that Saddam launch an attack on America and Israel before the president of the US orders his troops in the US and Israel to do so. Saddam should unite all the muslim countries in the world together and launch an attack on Israel to claim land that was rightfully theirs and to take back the Al-Aqsa mosque, the 3rd holy shrine in Islam.

    If America decides to interfere, let them interfere and let them face the consequences. Saddam should settle this long overdue disagreement once and for all. Israel, which frequently break UN resolutions, get away scott free. But, when Iraq just breaks one resolution, all eyes befall on Iraq. - Sheikh Mohd

  • Editor: Re National Debt. For starters, I really don't care if you publish this or not. I just have to get this off my chest. When Reagan was president, the press had an absolute hissy about the national debt reaching $1 Trillion. Since then, between two White House occupants, the debt has reached somewhere in the vicinity of $5 Trillion (depends upon who you listen to/believe). Where is the outrage in the press concerning this lack of fiscal responsibility? -C.Hamel

  • Editor: Re Trent Lott leadership. What is wrong with this guy. Is he representing us when he comes down on the highly respected Ken Starr for doing his job?

    Isn't it enough we have to fight off the attacks from the Democrats, but the head of our own party can't see that the investigation isn't about Monica, but about a corrupt president who corrupt's every one around him? How about commenting on Monica's lawyer working with Clinton lawyers on her case?

    That would be much more productive to point out to the American people. The president has it made with Trent Lott on our side. I know he is blown away by the presidents over whelming presence, but grow up Lott...he's the most corrupt person to ever have been in the White House...OUR house, not Clinton's personal cat house! -Natalie Tuck

  • Editor: Re Clinton accusations. Why does Clinton get the benefit of the doubt "innocent until proven guilty" and Starr is pronounced guilty with no chance to prove his innocence? Even some so-called Republicans are casting Starr as out of control and most so-called Republicans are not defending him. Sad day in America. -Jerry Gonzalez

  • Editor: Re Clinton. I think Clinton is guilty and should be taken out of office. -Jerry Hardesty

  • Editor: Re DR Constitution stories. The Federal Government, as described in The Constitution, has been stolen from the American People. The Clinton administration is a study in corruption, masked by special-effects and sleight-of-hand.

    Chinese Influence in our elections, open borders, drug dealers and worse in the White House, FBI files, to name but a few - all while continuing to promise "full co-operation" with all investigators is a disgusting example of a racketeer as President.

    Tobacco-algore continues to whine about some bogus global-warming that has obviously occurred before, will happen again and predates modern man by thousands of years at least!

    It seems this is his theme to get the gullible public to pay additional thousands of dollars per family in higher cost, fees and taxes! He also claims over-population is another cause of global-warming and we must therefore fund U.N. sponsored birth-control programs for millions of dollars!

    At the same time, he is leading the charge to send $300+-million in immediate food aid to North Korea where we aren't allowed to track what is done with it! Additionally, he is trying to get $75+-million in immediate food aid to Haiti, the bastion of democracy. Overpopulation a problem and we have to fund U.N. birth-control programs? Stop the food aid...

    Trent Lott wants Judge Starr to "wrap up his investigation"! Who the hell picked Trent Lott?

    ...The Republican majority, orchestrated by Speaker Newt Gingrich ... We had better stick to our principals or start looking for a tolerable country to live in. -Tommy, NM

  • Editor: Re George Washington Inaugural Address. Looks like George's wish, or should I say "law of the Land", never took hold. William Jefferson Clinton never chopped down the proverbial cherry tree. His predecessors did set a fine example for all the others to follow. I would not use President Washington, not even Abraham Lincoln, as an example of purity. If you feel President Clinton is unfit to hold the office of President, then say so.

    We, as Americans, have a responsibility and duty to honor that high office. Morality is a law best left to religion. Let's be more concerned about honor and integrity as relating to our laws, policies, and the Constitution. We have politicians that are wasting our tax dollars and sending our jobs to other countries.

    You, as a representative of the media, owe it to the public to print the truth and inform us of items that affect our national welfare. Leave the speculations and innuendos to the tabloids. It's very unbecoming to your reputation as well as detrimental. -Floyd Edwards

  • Editor: Re Truth. Keep watching the scene for us. We need the truth no matter what it is. I am very suspect of one who will lie to a loved one. It makes it easier to lie to everyone else. -Ralph Selleck

  • Editor: Re Clinton scandals. I am enjoying reading the Daily Republican web site. Please sign me up as an official member of the vast right-wing conspiracy. -James Irving

  • Editor: Re DR News Service. Thank you sir, for providing the "right" side of the news! Looking forward to the subscription. -Jerry Gonzalez

  • Editor: Re Clinton shame. Thank God we have a man like Ken Starr! He is a class act! I am proud of his patience and performance in a jungle of animals attacking his ethics. How dare they try to drag him down to their level. If there are any leaks out there they are no doubt coming from the Clinton-Ginsberg camp.

    Poor Monica. I truly feel for this young woman regardless of what she is accused of. First she is trashed by Clinton He trashes anyone and everyone who goes against him. He is a completely selfish man who believes he is to survive and has no loyalty to his friends. What is puzzling is his friends loyalty to him. Next Monica's defense is sacrificed by her own lawyer. I thought he was an ethical attorney when he first came on the scene. What a disappointment!

    How the public can say the president of the United States is doing a good job as president is beyond my comprehension. Is not moral leadership part of his responsibilty? His morals does affect the presidency when you have to guard the radi, television and newspapers to prevent your children from learning about porn regarding the president of the United States.Examples he has set :

    • Trashed his country and flag in England and the Soviet Union
    • Smoked marijuana and stated on national television, he would inhale the next time.
    • Lied to avoid the draft.
    • Broke his promise to ROTC.
    • abuse of power as Governoe of Arkansas.
    • invited Chinese Ciommuinists into the Whitehouse and gave one secutiry clearance.
    • Sexually preyed on young women throrughout his life and ruined their lives when he is caught.
    • Stole from the people through crooked bank deals.
    • Has always put himself to survive a scandal-before his wife, child and friends and acquaintices and used every means to detroy the victims.

    His sexual life is private? Not when you are President of the United States! Affect his presidency? of course it does. God help us.

    If he wants to save the children, he should apologize to all of us for his dispicable behaviour and resign.

    God Bless Ken Starr. My thoughts and prayers are offered in his behalf everyday. -Ada Sutter


  • Editor: Re Clinton impeachment move in House. As more knowledge becomes public about the abuses of power rampant in the Clinton admininstration, support for impeachment will grow. The Republicans should cease to keep silent and begin serious, swift, and tough impeachment proceedings. -Kathleen Melonakos

  • Editor: Re Clinton cowardice. I would like to make my voice heard in this matter. I feel strongly that there has been numerous crimes and coverups committed in this Administration.

    The facts are out there. Over 900 FBI files are discovered to be in the hands of the Clinton White House, a crime.

    The Mena Arkansas scandal with numerous witnesses showing a trail to the White House, The handling of the travel office with Biily Dale.

    The DNC fund raising scandal with pictures and evidence so strong as to implicate the president.

    The Monica Lewinsky problem, and the list could go on and on. I believe the biggest problem is the lack of good sound moral leadership by Newt Gingrich and his followers.

    The Democrats are so moraly bankrupt that Republicans can only expect help from them when it becomes politically expedient. The whole of Washington, D.C. needs a general house cleaning. Lets start with the president.- DeHavens


  • Editor: Re Newton's Third Law Of Motion? First of all, Ralph Reid says nothing is going to happen. It isn't. But if people like you continue braying about Clinton's demise it is only because you cannot reason from cause to effect. That uncomfortable feeling you have with centrist Clinton will be a flaming ulcer with President Gore. If Gore has the opportunity to make the electorate familiar and comfortable with him for three years, he will be easily reelected to a position he would have great difficulty winning without the help you are so generously giving him. Barry Goldwater, where are you now that we need you? Cretins are in charge of the Republican Party.-Richard Godfrey, Catawba, VA

  • Editor: Re Clinton Affairs. In light of the most recent in a long line of scandals involving "Bill" maybe someone should consider changing the Presidential Anthem to: "Hail to the Cheat." -Gareth Betts, Wisconsin

  • Editor: Re Tailgate. If the several women who came forward and accused willy of improper sexual advances accused ANY other adult, white male, in management, in their workplace of these unsolicited and unwelcome advances, just think of the chorus (with background vocals provided by NOW, EOE, ACLU ...) - "Aren't these BRAVE women to finally stand up and accuse this monster?"

    "How can such behavior be tolerated in the workplace - and tolerated AGAIN AND AGAIN?"

    "These poor women MUST go to work, and there waits, lurking, this PREDATOR."

    The trial, public outcry and penalty would swift - fines, jail, loss of job, careers ruined, name held up for public ridicule - coast-to-coast - and the company WOULD NEVER recover, let alone continue to have to attend "sensitiveity training" taught by unqualified, but, correctly connected, politcal hacks & wannabes, pretending they know what what they are doing.

    But because this is willy, we won't do that, after all, he's willy... -Thomas Begush

  • Editor: Re DR. Thanks for the awesome article.....i have to do a article on preident clinton's scandals for my journalism class and this helped alot--what kind of president do we have? this guy is supposed to be the head of the country. Go figure. -Jen

  • Editor: Re Congress et al. At this point in time and due to the failure of the AG to perform her sworn duties, both the AG and bill klinton should be impeached NOW. CONGRESS has the power to force testimony during impeachment proceedings. CONGRESS was elected by the people and they gave thier word they would fulfill the duties of thier office. IMPEACHING klinton and reno is a congressional obligation. When are they going to get about fulfilling thier oath of office? Failure to act NOW is a negligence of duty on the part of CONGRESS and thier failure to ACT NOW is grounds for replacing the members of CONGRESS. -Redeye

  • Editor: Re Clinton doings. I recently sent email to Congressman Murtha, Democrat from Pennsylvania, on supporting the impaechment of President Clinton. His response was most alarming. He said he has not seen evidence to support impaechment but he was waiting on the report from the Judiciary Committee. In response to this I emailed him back of the various but not a total of all scandals that have followed this administration to which I get a reply that he is waiting for a report on the evidence. -Dehaven

  • Editor: Re Republican Party. You Republicans are too damn myopic to see that protectionism, easy money, budget deficits probably benefit in the long run the business class that you so fervently represent. I find it almost unbelivable that Republicans claim to be in favor of free markets, but actually support massive corporate welfare giveaways and defense budgets. Basically, your party advocates an economic agenda that benefits, at most, 20% of the entire population; the rest of your votes are derived from your largely successful attempt to convince poor rednecks that you hate gays, abortions, and criminals. You guys are always moaning about "socialism," without ever really knowing what you are talking about. Greider advocates nothing like socialism in any of his books. Socialism means govt ownership of the means of production; (major industries at least) capitalism is fully consistent with progressive policies like a graduated tax system, a democratically controlled central bank, public education, infrastructure, etc. It was Adam Smith who said "The vile maxim of the masters of mankind is all for ourselves, and none for anyone else." You guys have successfully transformed this "vile maxim" into an electoral platform. You cant fool me; I read One World, Ready or Not, and found it about fifty times as convincing as any of the ideological excrement put out by leaders like DICK Armey, the dirigible of drivel, Rush Limbaugh, and Newt. Face it, boys: Socialism for the rich is your game, and you better not let the voters found out. -Ari Weinstein

  • Editor: Re Clinton administration antics. Thanks for following on the heals of the outrageous behavior of this Clinton administration. Keep at it, we need the truth before this man ruins all the things men and women have fought for with blood and tears. We do care.
    What will this man do next? I am amazed at how the Constitution is being raped and abused by so called leaders.Is there no way this bunch can be kicked out and sent somewhere to pay for all they have done?
    Can it really be so that Clinton has been voted the most admired man alive? Yuck!Not by this mom who loves this country enough to speak the truth to my young ones.Keep on looking, you will find the last straw soon, I hope. An on line reader.-Mrs. Barbara Selleck

  • Editor: Re Smaltz jurisdiction. If the Court has ruled that Smaltz has the authority to investigate issues that are unrelated to his originally chartered mandate, then I would suggest that he begin an investigation of the Justice Department to determine if Reno et al have participated in a cover up of Clinton wrongdoing.
    After all, I believe that the late former Attorney General John Mitchell was convicted of conspiracy and perjury while obstructing the investigation into Nixon and Watergate. There is precedent and I'd urge that a Reno investigation begin immediately. - Pat Thurman

  • Editor: Re Stories of allegations of contemept of Congress. Contempt of Congress charges certainly seem appropriate for the entire Clinton Administration. They seem to be able to defiantly 'thumb their nose' at Congress with absolute impunity. It is about time that the Republicans began to move toward casting off the despotism the has become a part of the federal government since the election of the prevaricator-in-chief. His surrogate, Janet 'blind justice' Reno, needs to be held accountable for many of the extremely questionable events which have occurred under her highly partisan eye. Events like the deaths of Vincent Foster and Ron Brown, the toleration of known Chinese agents into Whitehouse briefings, the downing of flight 800, Waco, Ruby Ridge, FBI lab problems etc. raise questions of monumental proportion. It seems that the only moral standard that the liberals which have gained control of the Executive branch hold to is the maintenance of power. The majority of the members of Congress should be up in arms. Why is there such a wimpy response from the Speakers of the House and Senate? It may be that the future of freedom in this country currently rests with a few brave leaders in the Legislative branch who are willing to confront the Clintonistas. -Michael Parks


  • Editor: Re Tony Artero Guam Story.I would like to comment on Tony Artero's opinion regarding local governmental leaders. I am not, first of all, defending the government leaders... far from it. I believe the blame lies with "We the People" who voted in these self-serving goverment leaders. "We the People" formed this democratic government. The definition of this democratic government is "the supreme power is held and exercised by the people". It sounds great doesn't it, but are "We the People" educated enough to hold and exercise this supreme power? History says NO! The problems with our local government are obvious to those who take the time to observe (silent majority) and to those who are personally involved with certain issues. "Government of Guam" is similar to other local governments (Ca., Wa. etc.). Over the years we've wondered "How do these self-serving leaders get re-elected? My answer.... most that support these self-serving leaders have their hidden personal agendas. Others do not have a clue.. maybe his/her last name-sounded good or in Guam thats my primo/prima (pathetic reasons). How do we educate the middle/poor class citizens? The way I see it the two classes are what make up the government. They are the majority. The sliy, conning, smooth-talking politicians always seems to lure these classes into their nets; the rich supports these politicians. So who is to blame? the politician, the common people or the rich? My answer would be all three. To break it down even more would be the "individual". When "We the People" take the time to educate ourselves, get involved, choose wisely, and take our responsibilities seriously we can overcome any adversity. "Common Sense not Common Wealth". I like that! Unfortunately Common Sense is not used by most. Our five (5) senses are naturally used because it is essential to our daily life. Common Sense is a technique that must be taught and practiced. We should teach this technique in the same category as Reading/Writing/Arithmetic/Common Sense. Never assume everyone has common sense... it's mind boggling to know they haven't a clue. It's like watching the "Three Stooges"...funny but stupid. Tony Artero has given us all the more reasons to educate ourselves. Si yu'us ma'ase Auntie Charo for giving me the opportunity to voice my opinion. -Linda Osborn, Tacoma, Wa.


  • Editor: Re Clinton Iraq Move. Clinton, if he want's to get even close to Truman, needs to just tell the Iraquis that any territory that is not subject to inspection is subject the destruction within 24 hrs after permission to inspect is denied.-JWoods

  • Editor Re Clinton Health Care. The Health Care Finance Administration has just released it statistical report for 1995. In Table 64, on Overall Program Statistics, for Hospital Outpatient Expenditures Part B, it shows the hospitals were paid 40 billion dollars. The Medicare Beneficiaries who think they paid 20 percent or 8 billion dollars actually paid 69 percent or 27 billion dollars. This is an over payment of 19 billion dollars for one year. During your watch, the sick and elderly, have lost over 70 billion dollars. It is bad enough that you allow the hospitals to give the health insurance companies ten's of millions of dollars of tax-free kickbacks, known as secret discounts, but your administration allows the fleecing of the elderly. -Roy J. Meidinger

  • Editor: Re Republican Leadership Failure. If the 'leadership' of the GOP had the patriotic initiative that Fred Thompson and Dan Burton have shown lately the stalling tactics employed by the Clinton administration would have already ended and the US would have a new president.
    It is an extremely serious time we live in, the presidency has been bought by bribes originating from an enemy country and those who should be pressing the attack are being quoted in the press as avoiding confrontation.
    The passivity on the part of the RNC leadership can best be explained by their past willingness to also receive 'funny money' originating from the same diabolical source.
    An equally serious concern is the obvious abuse of power by the Justice Department, can anyone really believe Janet Reno really didn't know about recent counterintelligence information which would point the finger of treason toward the president and the DNC? Does anyone believe she is that incompetent? Politicization of the judicial system and other federal agencies as has become the norm during the Clinton administrations is adeparture from American history. What is currently occurring is the establishment of dictatorial precedents by the radical left, if not checked, they will ultimately lead this country into absolute authoritarian control.
    The facts are beginning to indicate that Joe McCarthey was right a long time ago and this country is depending upon the foxes to guard the hen house.-Michael Parks, Klamath Falls, OR

  • Editor: Re Republican Issues. I am very interested in Republican issues and would like to do all I can to assist an;y and all activities that will result in restoring character, morality and accountability in our public servants. The executive branch of government at this time is run by an organized criminal element that MUST be stopped. -Elizabeth S Royle

  • Editor: Re Communist China subversion. Hi Daily Republican, I am sick and tired of having that lazy ass in the house. I like seeing you guys digging and digging to get some top stories to us. Thanks alot! Keep doing a good job! -Styles Bridges, New Hampshire


  • Editor: Re China on the left. This is a general comment directed at the disturbing direction that the Republican Party is heading in. I am 23 years old and have yet to vote any way but Republican. This however, will not be true for long. The rise of protectionist, short-sighted policies on the part of a Republican majority in Congress that clearly cannot handle the power it has so long coveted, has convinced me that I can no longer support this party with a singleness of purpose.
    We stand on the doorstep of a time where the rest of the world not only believes that it can prosper with or without the United States, several nations are in the process of proving it. The stance of the Party seems to be that now is the time to protect our jobs at the expense of economic expansion and development in other areas of the world. If the relative subjugation of the Japanese economy to our own in the past decade is not proof enough that our dynamic economy can respond and evolve in whatever direction necessary, than I do not know what will do the trick. The loss of unskilled labor to poorer regions will only result in growth of skilled industries here in the United States. This, I know, is a debate that can rage for as long as the two sides can carry on so I will leave it for a more pressing concern.
    The ignorance expressed by House Republicans in the November 13 vote to deny UN and IMF funds in response to the Administration's stance on family planning on the international scene, is in my opinion the most egregious and ill-timed move made. It reminds me all too much of reading of the bull-headed sorts of maneuvers that were so popular in say Reconstruction-era politics. At a point in our history where something that we have worked so long and hard for as the UN, has finally risen to a level of authority internationally, we turn our backs in the furtherance of some extremist stance on one view of the natural order of things. We expect, nay demand, accord from the UN in our battle with Iraqi defiance, and then refuse to pay our dues.
    To do so in the first place is in my opinion completely backward. It is true that we are responsible for 25% of the UN operating budget. However, it is also true that we expect to exert 100% dominion over UN policies. A fair price to pay I should think, for international support of our efforts to protect our interests. To deny payment as a means of political in-fighting only shows that Republicans are not fit to manage the international affairs of the United States.
    As a child of Reagan-era foreign relations it pains me to write the above statement. It is however true. I guess the Cold-War was enough of a threat to permit subversion of domestic concerns to the immediate concern over international demands. Now, it would appear that what a woman does with her pregnancy in an already over-populated area with a birth rate 10 times our own, has risen to a level of importance greater than international stability.
    At some point the U.S., and more directly the Republican Party, is going to have to come to grips with the reality that we must remain engaged and vigilant in the international arena if we are to remain pre-eminent in world affairs. One great way to do this is on friendly terms through the use of the UN. How is it that we intend to demand respect for our grievances when we can't seem to pay our dues?
    One last note. Does it not disgust you that the only way it seems many policy makers can function is through fear of some adversary? Your on-line edition consistently prints story after story about China. Indeed it recently featured a story detailing China's reluctance to employ force in Iraq. Never mind that France, a nation only fortunate enough to still speak in its native tongue thanks to the fforts of the U.S. and Great Britain, takes the same stance. As one who has an interest in Asia and China in particular I am enjoying this effort on the part of the media to supplant one "red menace" with another.
    Wake up. It is truly time to pay attention to China. Time spent in understanding their ways, not embracing or condoning them, but understanding them, is time better spent than time blindly denouncing them. The rise of protectionism in the current global atmosphere is one movement that I will not endorse. I for one do not intend to watch the U.S. recede from its position internationally, and it appears that a vote for the Republican Party would be in direct opposition of this concern. This is unfortunate and it truly saddens me. -Harry


  • Editor: Re Proposition 209 & Supreme Court. A scientific review of all contracts and labor compliance reports in California state and county construction projects will clarify the fact that black men have not significantly benefited from either contract awards nor employment under such contracts. They have been systematically removed from employment opportunities paid for with their tax dollars. Black women have suffered a greater degree of race and gender discrimination and sexual harassment and have least benefited from any so called Affirmative Action programs. Such programs have tended to be a smokescreen for the "face" of equal opportunity, rather than actual facilitation of the employment of and contracting with those who have historically faced the obvious race/color/ethnic difference from the predominant society.
    Proposition 209 will merely facilitate those who have discriminated, and continue to discriminate, by enabling and empowering those who already control the majority of economic power to take the whole pie. Proposition 209 purports to eliminate preferences. Hah! Nepotism, Favoritism, and Cronyism have not been outlawed in the workplace. Significantly, it has not bee outlawed in the tax-supported workplace. This includes government offices, and business which thrive with government contracts.
    Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy, Thou Art King.-Lita Pezant, San Bernardino, CA


  • Editor: Re Bulldog News. Delightful and refreshing viewpoints. I would like to know how to submit written copy to you and send it by snail mail, I enjoy very much the daily republican and the bulldlog newspaper on line. -pool

  • Editor: Re 'Fast-Track' story. Seems that the only way the Republicans can win any battles these days is when the philanderer in chief makes a move that a significant portion of his own coalition cannot support. -Michael Parks

  • Editor: Re Guam. The Morning After Is Same As The Day Before. HR 100 public hearing in Washington D.C. ended just like before it started. I think the reason for that is because political representation on Guam has not changed since WWII. The names have changed, over the years, but the script remains the same. "On my honor I will do my best to enrich myself and to hell with the rest." That has been the way we, on Guam, have been, represented. And, it's more self-serving now than ever.

    The people in D.C. know of this. In fact, very similar in many cases. But the mix signals we are giving the federal government and for that matter, people worldwide, is in the way we re-elect the same old self-serving "leaders," back in office over and over. That is baffling even to a third grader. Mine!/Mine! . . . like kids in pre-kinder tugging away on something belonging to neither, and in this case, at the federally declared "surplus lands," which title belongs to neither. They fail or refuse to see that with economic freedom, on Guam, anyone can be all that they can without begging from Uncle Sam. We can see that to be true with those in Tumon who were given the opportunity.

    ABAG HAO? In Chamorro that means, are you lost? However, A B A G stands for "Anybody but Ada or Gutierrez." Ada was the Governor of Guam for eight years consecutively from 1986 through 1993, but in one word, inert is a very accurate description of his tenure. Grtierrez, a retired Guam senator, now Governor of Guam, has shown his total lack of good moral character and sincerity in serving the people. Both men are running in the up-coming election, again, for the Office of the Governor. Instead, they should be making public releases stating their regret for their lack of honesty and sensitivity to Guam and its people.

    The only way all these talks in futility can end the excuses that the problems facing Guam is insurmountable is when the people in position of power replace greed with the Can do, Will do, Glad to attitude and right the wrong of the past. They need to pay serious attention to the conditions, which have for so long all been ignored. They must place priority on the people and proper land use. But instead, they serve their unsatiable desire for power, fame, and fortune at the expense of all of us.

    Like I have said, changing Guam's political status to a commonwealth will not magically remove the dilemma caused by more than 50 years of common greed still running rampant. Why should the federal government be rolling out the red carpet for our self-serving "leaders" that provided opportunity and tax rebates to the Japanese, our former enemy, while suppressing the economic freedoms of our own people and showering them with handouts? Is a tar baby suppose to be what's handed down these days as the family legacy on Guam? Indeed, those in power have made a travesty of our fundamental rights and equal justice.

    Dr. R. Kelly, author of "The Electoral Revolution," forecast the cloning of headless elected officials in 10 years. That only confirmed what I already knew. We, on Guam, have been electing "leaders" with no-brain to govern our community. ABAG HOA? Are you lost? No wonder we are in such a dilemma. On Guam, our government and church "leaders" believe and the demography manifests that a civil war is unthinkable here just like a jet liner crashing . . . until it surprised us. Gentlemen and Ladies, allow me to whisper to you if you do not already know, the natives are restless.

    However, I can almost guarantee you that our community "leaders" will never warn, much less declare, a state of emergency on account of the conditions with: Ordot dump, toxic waste that threaten the supply of drinking water, which shortens our life span, Guam's highways that are dangerously engineered traffic hazards and too many people are dying pointlessly, the lack of a comprehensive land use plan incorporating "safety first" and conservation, the helter skelter development that degrade the environment further, and the rising tension, which has everything to do with the land issue, not to mention DOE, GMH, the Department of Land Mismanagement, Department of Injustice, etc. All these problems are caused, not by a lack of commonwealth status, but by fraud, waste, and abuse of power by those in power serving their on selfish interest. 2) GovGuam submitted a proposal to the Navy that it will generate jobs, revenue, and economic activity and reduce Navy's cost in operating and maintaining Naval facilities on Guam . . . that has got to be the most preposterous and fraudulent statement I have ever heard. GovGuam has already proven its ineptness. The conditions throughout Guam speak for themselves.
    3) GovGuam launched an indictment that "the Navy is not negotiating in good faith, has ulterior motives, and hidden agendas and is creating an adversarial relationship,". . . It takes one to know one. That is precisely what GovGuam has been doing for decades to its people.
    4) GovGuam claimed a denial of its request "to lease excess Navy housing areas even after ComNavMar prodded GovGuam to lease these areas to reduce Navy costs;" . . . What about GovGuam's denial of business proposals to transform certain areas in Tiyan, which would have created jobs, increased revenue, and improved the economic condition on Guam instantly.

    Mistrust of the government is an old feeling on Guam dating back since the end of WWII. We need to remind our "leaders" that Private Property Rights is the foundation of all of our other rights. But GovGuam has become a government of, by, and for the few with no one in charge. It is obvious that the few take positions that are not in the interest of Guam much less the nation as a whole. For the sake of the people now and the future, we must go back to being a democratic community rather than remaining in the status quo an anarchy form of government. -Tony Artero, Submariner-U.S. Navy, Retired


  • Editor: Re Durnil's new book. Gordon Durnil's book opens a Pandora's box in postulating that America may be beyond reform. It is my belief that as ordinary citizens we are at this point in time left with but two choices: We can prepare ourselves to exist and survive in an absolute socialist system. Or, we can assume all the risk inherent in the calling of a Constitutional Convention and proceed to rewrite the document in language not susceptible to distortions by a runaway judiciary. -R.W. Roland

  • Editor: Re BLM mustangs story. I have adopted 2 mustangs from the Blm. One from Missouri (Milwakee BLM) November 1995, one from Kansas (Oklahoma BLM) October 1996. Both times I had my shelter and pen inspected by a local Veternarian. Before 90 days after we adopted each of the horses, a BLM official came to my farm to inspect. I received the title for the horses a year after I adopted each. I have since bought a third Mustang from an owner that furnished me with the title. These three horses are the finest horses I have ever had. They were not hard to gentle or train. All it takes is patients and gentle care.
    Milwakee BLM even furnished me with a map to show the location where my mustang was caught, information on what the horses eat in that area and the probalility of how the horse got there( stock it probably came from) ie.lost army horses from long ago.
    ink the BLM that services the Kansas area are doing a good job. Maybe with all the computers around today the BLM can keep better records. I don't tend to argue this, I just wanted to say a good word for the BLM, they have been very helpful to me. Your article is very informative. -Rick Mellott


  • Editor: Re Clinton-Gore Campaign hearings. Now it is absolutely clear that Clinton conceived, organized, and led a criminal conspiracy to violate campaign laws and other federal statues.
    The GOP should be forthright in so stating. The RNC's refusal in 1995-6 to answer the Clinton/DNC/AFL-CIO ad campaign was a terrible policy blunder.
    The GOP should begin a nationwide AD blitz now to acquaint the American people with the extent and depth of Clinton and Company's political corruption and his stealing of the 1996 Election.
    For God sake don't repeat the 1995-6 blunder again and lose the Congress, too, next year! -Robert E. Butler

  • Editor: Re 'Clinton Go Home!' Protest in Bazil. Now, why didn't I see that on the TV evening news? Thank you. - R.P. [Bob] Wheeler


  • Editor: Re review of Gordon Durnil's book "Is America Beyond Reform?" Next month I will be 78 years of age. First generation born in this country. High School graduate during the depression. World War II service and retired from the U.S. Navy after 22 years service. I have never been so depressed about the direction of this country. -JOHN LEONE


  • Editor: Re White House Tapes. Your article is appreciated. Has anyone checked to see if a large number of video machines are being delivered to the White House to "review (edit)" those tapes before release. Particularly telling is that the follow-up to the first release of videos coincided with the release of a weak "Reagan did it too" excuse. Again, thanks for your article. -R Schoel


  • Editor: Re Presidential conduct stories. Clinton and Gore, along with their ilk have sent a disasterous message to this nation, especially to the youth and future potential leaders of this country.
    To suggest by their apparent criminal actions that "anything" is ok as long as it has the presidential seal of approval is the wrong message. How can the body (the people) govern, and fight an on going war against drugs, as well as other internal problems, when the head (the government) is sick?
    ntrary to popular opinion, I believe that morality, honesty and integrity are still very important today, traits which obviously are missing in Washington in our generation. This situation (illegal campaign funding) should be dealt with quickly and decisively,and some degree of faith restored to the head of our nation.
    The smell is beginning to spread into all branches of government. -Jerry L. Gardner


  • Editor: Re Robert Bork Editorial. The first thing Mr Bork did wrong was to listen to anything William Kristol had to say. The Second thing he did wrong was not to lighten up but sit down and count all the good things about these conservatives.
    His cup is half empty instead of half full. I am sick to death of these so called leaders of the Republican Party complaining about everything the elected Majority is doing.
    Mr Gingrich is a History Professor and knows there were worse times than this in our History and we will see our way through this or we will have another FLOOD. These bozos in the White House will soon be gone.
    We will immediately Fumigate the place, fire all the Federal Attorneys, get Yeltsin to give Hillary and Bill citizenship in Russia and throw the rest of her entourage out on their ear.
    I for one think this should be done in public. Just to show we have a Heart we will let "Socks" stay in America.
    Please tell Mr Bork to get out of Wash. D. C. at least twice a week and I'm sure he will come to his senses. -B J Brown, Eagle River, Alaska


  • Editor: Re Daily Republican news stories. It's refreshing to read a report in the national news that doesn't immediately switch to John Glenn or Robert Torricelli for spin control. Viva la facts. Thanks for news without the typical TV network spin. -R Schoel


  • Editor: Re Fund Raising Scandal. When will The House of Representatives start impeachment proceedings against William Clinton and Albert Gore for obstruction of justice and federal campaign violations? The disavowal; "Oh, it was a mistake", and weasel words (The Art of Saying What You Don't Mean) are over. William Clinton is a graduate of Yale Law School. Who took his law exam? The cat ate my thesis. Hope a virus doesn't eat this email! -Roger Puterbaugh, Glendale, Ohio


  • Editor: Re Clinton-Gore Campaign. Do you really believe that they will appoint a counsel to investigate Gore? I think they plan on everyone forgetting the whole thing within the 90 days, and another thing this whole charade is to cover up what is really smelly with this whole regime. Throw the unwashed a few bits so they forget the bigger ones. I wouldn't trust any of them. While you are at it tell the Republicans we sent them there to offset those socialistic idiots not get along with them. Let them call us everything under the sun, do what you said you'd do. Get rid of Big Government and also do away with Commerce, Education, Energy and few hundred others.
    All they have to do is pass a law saying no person or Agency can make laws or regulations unless they have been voted into office. That would send a few of them into oblivion. Also, get rid of the IRS!
    I lean toward the Flat Tax myself. -BJ Brown, Alaska

  • Editor: Re Daily Republican Newspaper. Our country needs more information like this [Daily Republican Newspaper] website. Right now the Cold War is being refuted in our schools and universities, and blamed on the United States. Thank you for this site, which reflects the truth, something often ignored in today's history lessons. -William F. Sauerwein 1SG, U.S. Army (Retired)


  • Editor: Re Daily Republican Newspaper. I just wanted to tell you that I love your site, and that I'm going to bookmark it for sure. BTW, my I'm 14 yeras old and I was wondering if you could take a look at my Clinton Sucks/conservative site at (Or If you like it, and you have some spare space in the newspaper, maybe you could review it.Thanks. -Adam Horn

  • Editor: Re IRS Abuses Probe. IT IS ABOUT TIME! I believe that the vast majority of the taxpayers think that the IRS is the most corrupt and most easily corrupted agency of the Federal Government.
    If the IRS claims you owe then one must get a lawyer or a CPA! I've had the unpleasant experience and it was the IRS's error. I survived but I still had to pay the CPA. I think it's a good time to do away with IRS and go with a flat tax or a federal sales tax. -Dan Grailer


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