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by Staff Writers, The Daily Republican Newspaper

PALO ALTO - Americans are gaining a greater voice in the making of public policy than at any time since the direct democracy of the ancient Greek city-states more than two-thousand years ago.

Sophisticated interactive telecommunications are making government instantly aware of, and responsive to the public mood to reshape democracy and to make it more responsive to the public good.

Americans are taking on a more direct role in government than the Founders ever intended. The message of this revolution is that the qualities of informed citizenship are equally as important as those of political leadership.

It is a truism that democracy succeeds only so long as people feel it is within their power to control their destiny. The information revolution promises a new populist voice in governance.

The American people are finding their voice in the electronic information revolution through such worl-wide-web sites as the pioneering Daily Republican interactive newspaer. To learn more about the history of this valuable news service read About Daily Republican Interactive Newspaper.


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