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Recent National News

SOS from Guam! Is Washington Online? - 4/12/01
For the eight years of the Clinton administration the once lovely Island of Guam has endured the systematic destruction of its economic foundation and its people's self-respect...

Humbling Arrogant China
- 4/09/01
It's bad enough that China has one of our airplane crews and won't give them back. To add insult to injury, they blame us for the collision between their jet and our propeller-driven craft and blame us of arrogance...

A Letter To America - 4/09/01
I'm middle aged, middle classed, work in computers in local government and have a comfortable life living in the British countryside with my husband. All in all I'm an average Brit. Growing up I remember listening to Alistair Cooke each week with his "Letter from America"...

First, Do No Harm. Second, Tell No Lies. - 3/27/01
The lead article in the March 21 edition of the New York Observer described a new effort by the New York medical community "to inject itself into the national debate on gun violence...

New Realities, New Ways of Thinking - 3/11/01
Albert Einstein observed that the advent of nuclear weapons had changed everything except our modes of thinking...

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Thomas Jefferson's character traits discussed.

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